Where do you buy your coffee?

Do you prefer Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

Is it cheaper to buy coffee from Tim Hortons or Starbucks?

Teachers have argued since the beginning of the school year over this topic, is their favorite morning drink, the medium double double coffee, cheaper at Tim Hortons, or at starbucks? Today we'll find out.

Coffee price at starbucks

At Starbucks, the price of your coffee depends on the size you choose . The equation would look something like this:

Let 'c' equal total cost

Let 's' equal size difference

c = 1.25s-0.25

Coffee price at tim hortons

At Tim Hortons, price per size would be a bit different but the equation stays much the same.

Let 'c' equal total cost

Let 's' equal size difference

c = s+0.5

Big image
Big image

Point of intersection

It seems that the point of intersection is at (3 , 3.5) 3 being the size, and 3.5 being the price.

In conclusion

Now we know which chain has the cheaper coffee per size, even so, teachers still argue over which coffee tastes better, we will leave that to the science unit.

It seems that in general the coffee at Tim Hortons is more expensive but the large size actually costs the same at both locations while the extra large is more expensive at Starbucks.