Rosa Sanchez


I want to go to Chihuahua, Mexico because of family,restaurants, and buildings.Mexico has some beautiful places to go. There is a lot of places to go and stay or just look around.


I haven't seen my family in Mexico before. I want to learn more about them.I want to learn about the environment in Mexico.My parents have told me about them.I have a lot of family in Mexico and Texas.


Some restaurants are Los Mezquites, La Cabana Smokehouse San Felipe,and Mochomos Riqueza Sonorense. They seem like good places to eat.Each restaurant has a variety of different foods.Some examples are steak,soups, and lots more.They are located near Chihuahua, Mexico.


Some buildings or places to go are Museo Casa Chihuahua, Quinta Gameros,and Museo Casa Juarez.I have seen pics of them. They seem interesting. They have lots of places to go. Some may be expensive to enter.


Those are the reasons i would like to visit Chihuahua,Mexico. I would like to visit Mexico because of family, restaurants, and buildings. They have a lot of places to go.