Personification and Hyperbole

By: "Anu" Anmol Uppal and Afrida Rahman


Definition : a figurative language topic meaning exaggeration like ; I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. The exaggeration shows emotion of emphasis of a feeling. You use hyperbole everyday, like when you say I love you forever , you can't love someone forever because they will die and your will to, but I'm emphasizing on a feeling.

How does it apply to poetry : Hyperbole applies to poetry because it gives the poem dept. The more depth in a poem the more feelings it explains. An example would be without Hyperbole would be , I hate homework. An example with Hyperbole would be, I hate her like the grime between my toes. You really dont hate her like the grim between your toes, you just say that so you can emphasize on how much you hate her.




  • Sometimes a writer will give human characteristics to nonhuman things. Objects, ideas, places or animals may be given human qualities. They may perform human actions. This type of figurative language is called personification. It helps the writer create an exciting picture in the reader’s mind.


•The sailboat danced gracefully past us.

•The flames ate hungrily at the burning house.

•The once-proud trees bent meekly before the storm.

•The broad, flat rock lay sunning itself by the stream.