Y5 Daily Reflections

By;Neha Muralidharan

January 7,2016

Today was a very exciting day we got to sing the birthday song to Geeticka at lunch in front of the whole Yellow house,but to be honest i have a very big fear of crowed but everyone else was singing to so I was fine.The highlight of my day when Ms.Pjectrovic said that we where allowed to make a presentation on either the Boston tea party,Boston massacre or the stamp act.And me and my friends decided to make a skit about the Boston massacre.Something I did not do so good on is the math test I am not sure what my grade is but I feel like I could be a 70 or 80 ,But so far today was a trilling Thursday at Richard j.Lee.

January 8,2016

today was a terrific day we got to make the presentation with our group we decided to make a skit and the the main idea was the Boston tea party we are actually ahead of the other groups and we had a bunch of ideas and we even started the script the first time we started. And that is what i feel most proud of today.

January 12, 2016

Today was and marvelous Monday one of ms. Pjetrovic 's neighbors in Europe came to Texas and came to school with us she was about 13 years old and she was so sweet to uor class and showed use where they live!And her name was Ines.I think the best part of today was science we got to wire circuits and we had to light a light bulb .

January 13,2016

Today is was an awesome day we got to start a new thing called the budget project that is kind of like the game of life but a bit different so we would pick job cards and and family cards that determined what our annual salary was and if we had to pay extra for kids and family .And surprisingly me and Akshita got the same exact cards!

January 14,2016

Today was an amazing day we had a super nice substitute teacher and I hope she comes back soon.So at basketball today apparently I can fly ,at basketball I was about to shoot a basket and someone hit my leg in midair and I landed on me knee i even made a song for it 'I believe I can fly wait no I can't'.

January 15,2016

Today was an awesome day for science we got to separate citric acid from iron saving and we just used a magnet.And we graded our science and math test and I got a hundred on both !!.

January 20,2016

Today was a pretty awesome day but the day before I was sick but I feel a lot better today but sadly today I have to catch up on a lot so that is about it.

April 4, 2016

Today was awesome in math we got to learn Integers in math and that is Sixth grade math!we have started or new CBL and the big idea is separation and our essential question is a "How can we mend separation "

April 13, 2016

Today was awesome we got to use these thing called spheros they are so awsome you can move them around like a little bb-8 and they where water proof know I really want one!.

April 14, 2016

Today was awesome we had class picture day and like always every one but me and Melisha were dressed up. We also had our fitness gram test today I think I did pretty good I did 16 push ups and the average is 7 for girls until 7th grade! So today was over all pretty great

April 18, 2016

Today was an amazing day we took two tests the first one was the EOY math test and I got 80persent and we took a science test and that was about adaptation and I got an 82 present. So overall today was awsome .

April 20, 2016

Today was awesome we got to create our own all subject menu and it is due next week. We also got to create a study board for science.

April 26,2016

Today was pretty good we got to play with spheros and teach kinder and first to use spheros.

May 4,2016

Today was a pretty crazy day we had 3 science tests and there where some interesting and untrue rumors going around the whole class.