Blizzards: What to do

By: Paige

If trapped in vehicle

  1. Stay inside your vehicle
  2. Run the motor 10 minutes per hour
  3. Leave the windows slightly open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  4. Make sure that your exhaust pipe is not blocked
  5. Tie a colored cloth on your antenna or door to get attention
  6. Raise the hood after snow stops falling
  7. Keep your blood flowing by exersizing

Outside with no shelter

  1. Build snow cave or lean-to
  2. Build a fire
  3. Put rocks around the fire
  4. Melt snow before you eat it

At Home

  1. Stay inside
  2. Close of unneeded rooms to preserve heat
  3. Stuff towels and rags underneath door cracks
  4. Cover the windows at night
  5. Eat and drink to keep hydrated
  6. Wear layers of clothes

What you need

  • Flashlight
  • Cellphone
  • Battery powered radio
  • Food/Water
  • First aid supplies
  • Heating
  • Extra Clothes This is where I got the picture