Spring into April Team AVAIL!

Spring is a time for new beginnings......

Congrats to all of you on your March accomplishments!!

I am so thrilled and grateful that you have all signed back on with PHE!! Pure Haven essentials is growing and on it's way to becoming stronger than ever. We are sitting on a gold mine. Despite all we have gone through, there is still not one DS company that compares to PHE.

I cannot emphasize enough that WAITING for things for happen will only make it harder to continue to grow your business... join the momentum! It's so much harder to stop and restart! Every day PHE offers just one more reason to contact your customers, reach out to potential hosts and consultants!! Move forward, believe in our business and yourself... and watch your own business grow this month!!!

WOHOOO!!! Congrats to Heather Imperiale for earning the PHE Tote Bag??? Will you be next?

How are you going to earn your tote?? Have you booked your launch parties/wellness workshops? Don't wait til after conference.... let you party guests know that you will contact them after conference to share all the great news about newly announced products!! You can place another order for customers interested - have all items shipped to you - and deliver to your hosts!! Just another way to show customer appreciation and earn their loyalty!
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