Fingerprint Specialist

BY Spencer Dziedzic


Fingerprint specialists perform sensitive, complex and delicate fingerprint identification assesments to visualize, enhance and identify fingerprints on virtually any surface and conducts research projects to devise new and/or modify and improve current methods and techniques to obtaining these fingerprints.

Forensic Fingerprint Expert

A forensic fingerprint expert will go to crime scenes and identify fingerprints and footprints to determine who they belong to, or even what they were doing when those prints were made.


  • A bachelors degree in criminal justice or forensic science
  • Prior work experience in law enforcement and evidence collection
  • Familiarity with crime lab equipment and scientific techniques to identify latent prints on various surfaces
  • Knowledge of the Henry System of Fingerprint Identification
  • Knowledge of Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

Criminal Case

In october of 1978 a man was stabbed to death, his home ransacked and his car stolen. There were prints on the television but without the proper technology nothing could be done. In 2008 the case was reopened and solved thanks to fingerprint expert from the Sarasota PD. He was able to find a man from california with extensive criminal records and arrested him for his crime.