The Fourth Week of Camp

Greetings Parents,

The campers enjoyed a week filled with various playing activities. They had a blast at Laser Tag . They also continued on practicing their writing and handwriting skills, learned new math concepts, and strengthen their understanding of initial and final letter sounds.
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Math Activities

Laser Tag Field Trip

Making The Beach Scene Picture

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts


  • Letters( L,R,M,N,O): The campers learned ( L,R,M,N,O) sounds.

2. Writing

  • They completed phonics exercises on their phonics.
  • They practiced writing upper and lowercase letters of ( L,R,M,N,O) on their journals and practiced far-point copying from the board by writing words with these initial letters.

3. Listening

  • They detected words with the initial letters above after listening to the following stories read to them: ( Alphatales: The Lamb Who Loved to Laugh, Aphatales: Rodie Rabbit's Radish, Aphatales: Monkey's Miserable Monday, Alphatales: The Nicest Newt, and Alphatales: Olive Octopus's Day of Juggling )

4. Reading

  • Sight Words: (see, can,run,big, yellow)
  • They wrote previously learned sight words on their white boards.


1. Numbers( 31-40)

  • The campers recognized numbers 31-40
  • They compared numbers using >,<. and =.
  • They practiced sequencing numbers on math worksheets.

2. Ordinal Numbers

  • They were introduced to ordinal numbers ( first, second....etc)
  • The identified the ordinal number of objects in the classroom and in distributed worksheets

3. Money (Penny)

  • They practiced identifying pennies, the picture in the front and the back, and its value
  • They added a group of pennies in the money center in the classroom and in worksheets.


1. Creating a Kite

  • They finished decorating their kites from last week

2. Beach Scene

They made beach scene on construction paper using chalks to make sand, flip flop picture, crayons, glue, and paint to make waves.

Team building

Caterpillar Race:

  • They were separated into three teams
  • each team represented a caterpillar
  • They had to jump in a motion like a caterpillar
  • The team that reached the finishing line first won


1. Oobleck :

  • They made oobleck from corn starch, water, and food coloring
  • They played with the oobleck and tried to make a ball out of it.

2. Water Flow Experiment

They filled four cups of water

They put food coloring on the water

They put paper towels between the cups and observed the water flow.

Making Oobleck

Water Flow Experiment


  • Please return the blue or black folders by Monday
  • Please bring a new bottle of sunscreen or bug spray if your child has a note to do so in his/her folder.
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