EDU 680

It's the home stretch....

We are almost done.....

I can't thank each of you for your patience. This has been my first online class and It's been a learning curve for me and I can't apologize enough if it has been at your expense. However I feel confident that everyone will be successful!

Presentation Survey

Below you will find a link to a Google Survey each of you need to present a survey and observe a minimum of 2 presentation days (watching all the presentations that take place on that day). It's hard for your classmates to get feedback and if only one or two people observe their presentation.

Please Complete the Survey by 4/22

Meet up requirements....

  • Create a link
  • Email the link, any necessary documents, and the link to your survey to me and your classmates prior to the meetup
  • All surveys must be completed the day of the meet up (this gives your classmates time to analyze their data and to turn it in to me)

Assignment Deadline is Midnight April 27th

I'm available to meet for one last time.....

I can meet April 22nd at 6pm at the Heine Brothers on Bardstown Road @ 264 if you need to or want to. Please rsvp by the end of today (4/21).