Mrs. D'Alonzo's News

ELA / Living Environment / Special Education

About the Teacher

My name is Tracey D'Alonzo and I'm a special education teacher at Spencerport High School. Before coming to Spencerport, I taught middle school ELA at Rush-Henrietta and a public school in The Bronx, New York. I earned both my bachelor's and master's degrees at SUNY Geneseo, where I studied elementary education, special education, English education, and Literacy.

Classroom Updates

Grade 12 English

In English, we are beginning the short stories unit. Students are learning how to use signposts to recognize important parts of the stories they read and to use the signposts to make inferences about what they are reading. We are also studying literary elements that we will use throughout the year.

The short stories unit will consist of the students being able to read, comprehend, and analyze short stories. They will compare these to greater themes and topics as well as to non-fiction articles. We will be using a website called to do this.

Every student is also responsible for having an independent reading book with them each class. I am working to frame my units around the senior project. Students will get practice with research, citations, writing, speaking, and presenting - all of which lead toward their final product, paper, and presentation.

Living Environment

In living environment, we are beginning our unit on the scientific method and life classification. Students have already completed one lab and are beginning their second 9/22. Each student is expected to have turned in their safety contract, edmodo contract, and a signed syllabus. They cannot complete any more labs until this is done!

This is a regents course with required lab minutes. In order to even sit for the regents exam, students must complete and pass at least 1200 minutes of lab work. We will exceed this in class, but if they miss labs it is very important to make these up!

Resource Room

In resource room, students have met with me to review their IEP and set steps to reach specific goals for the first quarter. A big part of resource room is our students being independent and they are expected to come to each resource room prepared with work they need to review or need extra help with. Also, each student tracks their grades, missing assignments, upcoming assignments, and prioritizes their day before beginning any work. This is important for self reflection and organization of tasks.