T.E.P. 217

Renewable is doable!

The Problem:

My problem is that we are using the earth's natural, valuable resources for power consupmtion. This is bothering me. Yes, this problem has been solved, but we don't use barely any of the renewable energy we have.

Slogan: Renewable is doable!

Prototype Discription:

My prototype works like this. So, the paddle wheel on the front turns a gear. Then, that gear turns another gear which activates a motor. That motor has wires connected to it, which are also connected to the lightbulb. When the motor is activated, it send a signal through the wires, turning on the lightbulb.


I feel that this project is telling me that solving a problem isn't just as easy as inventing something. You have to know the science behind it, think of multiple designs, and test them. If your test results in a failure, you could actually be succeeding in another way.

"A failure can also be something amazing." -Braden VZ