Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

We have our big talent show this week. If you haven't heard yet, staff will be doing a routine to Surfin' USA. Our esteemed choreographer, Jill, is planning our dance routine and will send out some information on a couple days of practice for this week.

Teachers, please remember to get in your class lists by June 5th. More info below.

Also, find information below about:

* Summer PD opportunities

* Scholarship opportunities for Special Education degree

* Tips on clear written communication to families

* Staff check out procedures

Lastly, I'm sad to share that Merissa will be leaving us after this year to take a position in another school. Please join me in wishing her all the best.


Staff Checkout Procedures

You will receive a form soon that you can use for the end of the year checkout process. IA staff will be checking out on Friday, 6/12. I'll be available for teacher checkout on the afternoon of Tuesday, 6/16.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Feedback Opportunity

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015 ODE will host an online Smarter Balanced Feedback Forum from 9 - 10 a.m. PT for district and school staff to share their impressions of the first year of Smarter Balanced operational testing. This feedback opportunity is open to any interested. However, so that ODE can tailor its planning for the Forum, we request that participants register by Friday, June 12, 2015.

To register for the online Forum, click below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email that contains information about joining the webinar.

Summer PD Opportunities from the Hood River Academy

The Hood River Academy is excited to announce the 2015 Summer of Learning, where we have two learning opportunities for you:

  • We have formed partnerships with several organizations to provide high quality learning opportunities.

  • An opportunity to design your own learning needs, called Grow Your Own Learning.

Our registration form will be activated on Monday, June 1st 2015. This afternoon, I would like to give you a sneak peak into the bulletin and what offerings will be available and how you can be compensated to participate. You can access the bulletin by clicking below:

PSU Special Education Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity

The Portland State University Graduate School of Education Department of Special Education is pleased to offer a scholarship for full tuition support through special education licensure. We are seeking individuals interested in working with children and youth with autism, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, and/or behavioral disorders who come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Requirements to apply:

· Bachelor’s degree or Bachelor’s equivalent

· Completed application to the Special Education licensure program

· Have experience/desire to work with students from culturally/linguistically diverse backgrounds who require intensive supports (e.g., students with multiple disabilities)

· Have a linguistically diverse background and/or

· Unique skills to serve culturally/linguistically diverse students who require intensive supports

· Commitment to teaching as a special educator for at least two years

The program has a strong interest in recruiting candidates who are bilingual in any language or that come from a culturally diverse background.

Program Options

· 1 Year full-time (at least 16-credits per term) OR

· 2 Year part-time program (at least 6 credits per term)

o Evening coursework

Start Date: June 22nd, 2015

Apply immediately by contacting:

Dr. Julie Esparza Brown OR Dr. Sheldon Loman

503-725-4696 503-725-5939

email: email:

Five Ways to Improve Written Material That’s Sent to Families - From the Marshal Memo

“Effective communication enhances school-family partnerships,” says Sarah Nagro (Johns Hopkins University) in this article in Teaching Exceptional Children. She suggests the PROSE checklist for making written communication optimally effective:


- Use one consistent font.

- Keep the same font size throughout, ideally 12-point.

- Avoid all-caps or all-italics sentences.

- Don’t overdo highlighting or bold-face type – use them to draw attention, not decorate.


- Make the reading level fifth-grade, not higher than eighth-grade.

- Avoid multisyllabic words, sticking mostly to words of one or two syllables.

- Make most sentences 10-15 words, never more than 25.

- Break longer sentences into several shorter sentences.

- Limit prepositional phrases.


- Use a predictable left-to-right, top-to-bottom layout.

- Use headings to guide the reader and set the headings apart from running text.

- Separate diagrams from text (lists, tables, charts, graphs).

- Keep graphics simple – no more than 15 labels and 75 items.

- Label graphics so they’re self-explanatory.


- Ideally limit publications to one page, or break longer documents into sections.

- Use page numbers if there’s more than one page.

- Use white space to break up text and keep each page from being too dense.

- Use images and figures to support content, rather than for decoration.

Ease of reading:

- Write in the active voice.

- Limit pronouns to one per sentence so antecedents are clear.

- Avoid acronyms unless they’re widely known to families.

- Include real-world examples whenever possible.

Parkdale Staff Feedback Form - Click Here!

Use this form to give Gus feedback about how things are going and what you need.

Events This Week...

Monday 6/1

· 6/1 - Green Day, AM Art with Mrs. Hedberg, PM with Bonnie White,

Tuesday 6/2

Grade 5 Ukulele, 2:15 - 3:00 pm

Site Council Meeting, 2:30 in the Library

Wednesday 6/3

Grade 4/5 Beg. Ukulele, 2:15 - 3:00

Thursday 6/4

PTO Meeting, 7:45 am in the Flex Room

Limo Lunch Reading Reward Program, 10:45 am - 1:30

Friday 6/5

- 6/5 - Talent Show, 12:40 in the Gym

Upcoming Dates

6/8 - Green Day

6/9 - Grade 2 Field Trip - Sischo - Swimming Pool

6/11 - Field Day "Student Appreciation Day"

6/11 - Print Report Cards

6/12 - Report Cards Go Home

6/12 - End of the Year Awards Assembly and 5th Grade Promotion

6/12 - Last Day of School for Students

Have a great week!!

Parkdale Staff Feedback Form - Click Here!

Use this form to give Gus feedback about how things are going and what you need.