My Future

Alexia Newkirk

I want to attend Richmond University

I want to study in the department of Psychology, i want to become a liscence therapist.RIchmond University is located 28 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173Richmond, there is no typical applicant. Admission officers work hard to evaluate each applicant in a holistic manner, assessing character, service, special talents, creativity, independence, and life experience alongside traditional measures of academic success – like grades, rigor of curriculum, test scores, and recommendations. While admission is highly selective and there's no perfect formula that will guarantee acceptance, there are a few minimum requirements that guarantee each student we accept will come to campus prepared to succeed in any of our programs.Richmond University has a 50 $ application feeIn order to apply you have to submit a transcript of your high school records and test scoresTheir are many nearby sites/ attractions like, downtown, and church hillPsychology requires class alittle more than 5 hours a daythe tuition for the department of Psychology is tuition is full-time: $36,850 per year and part-time: $1,843 per credit. A quote from a student attending Richmond University,"The reason I chose UR was because of financial aid, but I think that it has been an overall good decision. The Academics are challenging and interesting. The professors are top notch, and are highly considered in their respective fields. This school offers amazing opportunities for those willing to utilize the resources that are available. For me, I did paid, independent, undergraduate research in political science as a Freshman. The support faculty jump at the chance to help you if you ask.Also if you want to do study abroad the University almost pays you to go, so its another great opportunity. There are a tremendous amount of opportunities here that are just waiting to be used.You can be a DJ for the radio station, be a part of a club, climb to the top of the dining hall, or discover where the UR mummy is located on campus. It can take a bit of searching to break out of the frat scene, but once you do you will find a vibrant campus and city just waiting for you. The school gives a lot of opportunities though for going to games and with the new football stadium on-campus this might turn around. If you are a driven student that wants to succeed and is willing to be creative with your social life. I highly recommend this school, otherwise it can be easy to be smothered by the rigorous academics and stagnant frat-centered social life."