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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

The students have settled into the start of the year extremely well. We have a very busy term ahead with Edu Dance, the Hockey Clinics organised by the P&F, Sacramental preparation and NAPLAN testing which has been moved to Term 1 from 2023.

A reminder that if students are showing symptoms of COVID or the Flu that they should not be attending school. If a child is at school with FLU or COVID symptoms families will be required to organise for the child to be collected and taken home so that other children and the teacher, within the class, do not become sick.

Please note that as from this year, all school notes will be paperless and completed online and then submitted back to the school via Microsoft Forms.

A reminder to families that students should not be on the school grounds prior to 8:30am. St Columba’s provides supervision only from 8:30am until the bell goes at 8:50am. On entering the school grounds during the day all visitors will need to sign in at the front office. If students are going to play on the playground equipment after school it is a requirement that a parent must be there to supervise. The school staff do not supervise the play equipment after school. If students are unsupervised on the equipment they will be asked to leave the area.

There are a number of families walking through the Kiss and Drive entry driveway. Please be aware that this is not an entry for pedestrians. Families entering on foot near the Church must enter through the Church pedestrian gate not the car entry gate. In the interests of our students’ safety please follow these protocols.

Families please note that you will need to adhere to the school parking policy and the street verge signage. Parking is not permitted in ‘no standing or parking ‘zones and cars that do not follow the street and verge signage face a possible fine from the Ranger. Your help in this matter will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks to Mr Chatt for organising the swimming carnival. The students were extremely well behaved and were very encouraging of those participating in their events. We were also very lucky to have such good weather on the day and as always it was a very well run event. Congratulations to McMahon faction on their win, second year in a row.

Edu Dance has begun and as per last year, the students are able to wear sports uniform on their Phys Ed day and the Edu Dance day.

God bless and keep safe.

Allen McMahon


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Important Dates

Tuesday 14 February - Year 6 Camp commences

Sunday 19 February - P&F Picnic

Tuesday 21 February - Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday 22 February - Ash Wednesday Mass - Y1-6

Friday 24 February - Assembly - 3G

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Year 6 Camp

Our Year 6 students and their teachers will attend Fairbridge Pinjarra Camp School next week from Tuesday, 14 – Friday, 17 February. This is a great opportunity to extend and challenge our school leaders as they develop essential leadership skills and make memories that will stay with them long after they return. Thank you to the staff attending and to the parent helpers who will come along for the experience.

CEWA Childsafe Framework

This framework of nine elements combine supporting a child safe culture, healthy and respectful relationships and extended guardianship in school communities, based on the latest research and recognised best practices. Teachers are responsible for delivering this curriculum to students.

Please view the video below for an introduction to the framework.

Code of Conduct

We take this opportunity to direct members of our community to review our Code of Conduct. These statements are aimed at ensuring the protection and wellbeing of students in our care. In addition, awareness of the Code of Conduct ensures that adults do not put themselves in potentially vulnerable positions; for example, adults use the ambulant toilet when on site and do not use student toilets. Please take a few moments to review our Code of Conduct below.

Keeping Safe Program

The Education Act mandates the teaching of a Protective Behaviours program in all schools. At St Columba’s we follow the Keeping Safe Program. The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC) aims to help children learn to recognise abuse and develop ways of protecting themselves from abuse and, in wider terms, covers rights, relationships, responsibilities and ethical behaviour. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

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Edu-Dance Begins!

All students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 have begun their Edu-dance lessons this week.

Edu-Dance is a curriculum-based dance fitness program designed for primary school students. The focus is on physical fitness, dance confidence, developing self-esteem in students and teamwork. Lessons are fast paced and high-energy with age-appropriate choreography and music.

With the concert in Week 10 we are excited to get started!

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School Counsellor Services

Welcome back to School Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday and New year and had the opportunity to recharge ready for a busy but spectacular 2023!.

This year I will still be working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the term. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via the School Counsellor Contact Form on the School's website if you feel your child needs social/emotional support. I will organise a consult with you to discuss the issue, and how I am able to assist.

Common reasons I see students relate to anxiety, low mood, self-esteem, friendship issues, social skills, family separation, emotional regulation, problem solving/organisational skills, as well as being a general support person to the child.

The role of a school social worker/counsellor is to offer early intervention for mildly distressing issues. I assess cases on an individual basis however the capacity of the role does not allow for continued ongoing treatment. Therefore, if students require further support after a few sessions or they are experiencing more significant distress, I can recommend and assist you in finding a suitable external service provider.

In addition to one-on-one sessions with children, time in classrooms, and consults with parent's/family, this year I aim to run small group programs, and a Lego/social skill's club which I will advertise in the School Newsletter before they commence.

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant Term 1 for 2023".

Shona Simpson

School Counsellor

Sacramental Dates 2023

Please find the Sacramental dates for 2023 here.

This includes the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.

School Fees

School fee statements will be emailed to all families by the end of Week 2. Please advise the school if your email address has changed as fees are only sent to one parent.

If you have not received your fees by the end of Week 2 please contact the office.

Marshall's Tennis Academy

Sign up for tennis lesson at lunchtime with Marshall's Tennis Academy. Years 3-6.
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P&F News

Hi Everyone,

I hope your children are settling in and everyone is getting back into the routine of school life. It has been really nice meeting new people and seeing all the kids getting stuck back into it.

This week our Hockey Program kicked off. The children received their shirts and hockey sticks and are well underway. We are really proud to be able to offer such opportunities for the children and look forward to seeing how the next 7 weeks go. We will be offering a number of co-curricular opportunities this year, so please keep an eye out each term as to what is on offer.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have put up their hands to be reps this year. We are still looking for reps for the following year groups: Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6. Please reach out to your teachers or to admin if you are interested in taking on this role.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mat Smith, Brandon Mitchell, Gemma and Ben Bristow as well as Renee and Michael Methorst for all their help, support and patience with getting the school garden ready for Term 1. We cannot wait to see what the children and teachers do with this space.

Don't forget, Sunday 19 February is our welcome back event. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Hayley Mitchell

P&F President

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Entertainment Books

The year starts from the date of purchase of your Entertainment Book.

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Scholastic Books - Issue 1 - Due 15/02/2023

Cash payments are no longer accepted. Payments can be made by credit card - Visit or download the LOOP app. Your order will be electronically linked to the rest of your school's order. You do not need to complete the order form.

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Co-Curricular Hockey Program - Term 1

Years 4-6: Thursday Mornings 7:30am - 8:30am - places still available

The P&F will be subsiding this opportunity (we will be paying half). The $80.00 (parents to pay $40.00 only) cost includes the 8 weeks of qualified coaching by CUHC junior coaches, and each new player to the program will receive their own hockey stick pack including a hockey stick, shin pads, hockey ball and T-shirt.

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School Term Dates for 2023

Term 1: Wednesday, 1 February to Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Term 2: Wednesday, 26 April to Friday, 30 June 2023

Term 3: Monday, 17 July to Friday, 21 September 2023

Term 4: Monday, 9 October to Friday, 8 December 2023

Pupil Free Days for 2023

Term 1: Thursday 6 April

Term 2: Monday 24 April, Monday 15 May and Friday 2 June

Term 3: Friday 22 September

Term 4: None

Sacrament Dates for 2023

Sacramental Program Enrolment Mass: Saturday, 25 March at 6pm

Confirmation: Saturday, 27 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday, 7 May at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday, 11 November at 10am