Three adventures

Of Sherlock Holmes

The author

I had the honor to interview Conan Doyle, who lately wrote the book Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle is 45 years old, and lives in England, in Oxford.

About the book

The main character is called Sherlock Holmes, a very famous detective we probably all know. He has black hair and a hat, and a brown blocked coat.

The story is telling about three stories of Sherlock Holmes. The first one is for example about a girl who lives in London. Her sister is killed by someone or something we all don't know. Sherlock Holmes is a detective and is going to look for the killer.

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What does Conan think about Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?

Conan's favourite part of the book was a part of story 2: a man came to Sherlock Holmes because he was threatened by someone. The day after , the man died. Conan thought that that was a very good example of that detectives can't protect everyone. But he also really liked story 1 , because it was very exciting (previous alinea)

What inspired Conan?

Conan heard a lot of Sherlock Holmes when he was a child, and really liked his stories. He liked Sherlock Holmes so much that he began to write a book about three adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It gave him much joy to write about his idol.