By: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Paul Revers ride Project

Three poetry terms

1) Imagery- An the twitter of the birds among the trees, And felt the breath of the morning air. It is imagery because it paints a picture in you head of what it looks like there.

2) rhyme scheme- Meanwhile , his friend, through ally and street, Wanders and watches with eager ears, Till in the silence around him he hears, ... It is a rhyme scheme because at the end of the second and third line they rhyme.

3) subject- ... On the opposite side walked Paul Revere,..., This is the subject because the poem is all about Paul Revere and him delivering the message.

Historical reference sheet

This sheet is significant because it tells how he got started. It was spring of 1775 and Paul Revere was employed by Boston Committee Correspondence and Massachusetts Committee of safety as rider to deliver news.

Related poem

Horses by: Lucky You. The connection is the horse Paul has one and the poem has a horse it in. Paul rides it to deliver the message and this poem is about riding horses.

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