Poetry Project

Jiovanny Velazquez-Huerta

I Wish

I wish I had the power to run fast as the speed light

I wish I had all the games I wanted

I wish I had a photographic memory

I wish I had a device to go into video games (no death included)

I wish i had good vision

I wish I had a puppy that never goes away (die)

I wish I had an infinite pizza slice that never goes bad

I wish i had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true.

Billy and bob

Billy was only child

He was always with Bob

And Bob was always with him

Forever together since that moment

It was his Birthday

The day he met Bob

They rode together fast downhill

Too fast for their joy

They crashed, Billy got injured

Bob did not survive

Billy has one art of Bob in him since

One last art of his little bike he named Bob

Free Verse

Its time for food

Its time for fun

Its time for money

Its time for tea

Its time for honey

Its time for sleep