P&C Principal's Report

17 February 2016

Student Numbers

Scarborough PS currently has 142 student enrolments. This time in 2015 we had 128 students attending.

Term 1 School Events

Sonshine FM Breakfast Show Friday 19/2 6am-9am FREE

Coder Dojo Yrs 3-6 Tuesdays 9 weeks FREE

Netball WA Training Yrs 4-6 Mondays 4 weeks FREE

EduDance Yrs K-6 Wednesdays 8 weeks

BUZ Rangers Yr4 leadership prog. 2 Days FREE

Ride 2 School Day Thursday 3/3

Assembly Yr 3/4 class Friday 11/3

Student Leadership Conference SC Thursday 17/3 FREE

Assembly Easter Thursday 24/3

Learning Journey + EduDance Monday 4/4 5pm

Footy Colours Day Friday 8/4

Other Important Dates

Friday 4/3 School Development Day – No Students

Monday 7/3 Labour Day

Friday 25/3 Good Friday

Monday 28/3 Easter Monday

Tuesday 29/3 Easter Tuesday

Friday 8/4 Last Day of Term 1

Wed 27/4 Students Return for Term 2

Whole school higher cost events in 2016

Swimming: 7 November (Week 5, Term 4) $40-50

School Photos: 17 August (Week 5, Term 3) Costs vary depending on packages

Fathering Project

Will (chaplain) is co-ordinating the Fathering Project at our school. This is a project developed by UWA and aims to increase the impact of positive male role models on children. Research tells us that children, both boys and girls, that have a male role model (father, uncle, grandparent etc..) have increased engagement in schooling and progress to higher education at an increased rate. The other positive is the impact of mental health of the male role model involved through quality relationships. Will is negotiating a launch date with UWA and we are on the lookout for 4-6 fathers who are keen to help Will get the program going. There will be more information in the next newsletter and we hope to have a launch either late term 1 or early term 2. Other school involved work with the P&C to hold events such as paper plane building, kite making, astro star nights, campouts, games afternoons etc..