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Amy's Advice

Dear Amy,

I have been talking with my best friend, Hana, about the situation of getting cured or not. She obviously said "yes", but I'm still not sure. Plus my other friend Alex from the wilds says "no". I feel that I should get cured because of all the good it does, as my aunt says. Then again I don't because when my mom died she told me, "They can never take it", so what should I do?

Amy's Advice

Dear Lena,

Well I honestly think you should get cured for multiple reasons. Well, first of all, I think you should get cured because everyone else is. Would you really want to be that one person that didn't get cured and be different? No. Second of all you will be better than a lot of other people by getting the cure. I say this because of the obvious symptoms of love. I would list them all, but then this would be way too long. The last and final reason is because of all the people that got the cure and are successful. For example, I got the cure and now I'm married to my husband, Mark and I have this well paying job. What can get better than this?

Delirium: The Movie

Come one, come all to the grand opening of the new movie, Delirium, based on the book by Lauren Oliver. This movie stars Kristen Stewart as Lena, the girl trying to figure out if she wants to be cured of love or not. You will also see the familiar face of Channing Tatum as Alex, the wilds vigilante trying to seduce Lena in this epic drama/love story. Want to see more? Find out at the movie premier next week.

Two Girls Get Into Fight; One is Sent to Hospital, Other is Arrested

It was 5pm at night when Lena approached Hana's house. When she walked in she noticed a very loud sound coming from Hana's room. So Lena went to go inspect what the sound was. When she walked in, she found Hana at her desk listening to weird music. Lena asked Hana what she was listening too and Hana asked if Lena could keep a secret. Lena quickly sat down and said "yes". She listened to what Hana had to say. Hana started to talk about websites that are banned from the public eye that other people make. She also said that maybe this could be what happened to Lena's mom. Well, Lena got up off of Hana's bed and got mad at Hana for talking about her mom. Then Hana backfired and started talking about Lena being broke and having to live with her aunt. Then Lena got really mad and punched Hana in the face 5 times before running out of her house. Hana quickly called the police and days later Lena was caught and charged with assault, while Hana was sent to the hospital for multiple cuts and bruises to the face.