6th element on the Periodic Table


Atomic Mass is 12.0107 amu

Atomic Radius is 0.91 angstroms

Density is 2.2g

Melting point is 3500 degrees Celsius

Boiling point 4827 degrees Celsius

At room temperature, Carbon remains a solid

Appearance is a blackish color

Conductivity is graphite

Malleability is low

Hardness is less than 1 (0.5) to be exact

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Chemical Properties

Flammability is N/A

Reactivity is most likely to happen

Identifying Information

On the Periodic table Carbon is on the second row

History and Discovery

Carbon was discovered in 3750 BC

Carbon was discovered in Latin

A.L. Lavoisier discovered the element of Carbon

Applications and Uses

carbon is mostly use for fuels like coal and gas

Carbon specific isotopes are carbon 12 and carbon 13

Carbon's specific compounds are Ethane and Compound Ethane

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