Christopher Richardson

What is it?

Ebola is a rare and deadly disease mainly found in Africa but can be anywhere and kill anyone

Body systems affected

The body systems affected by Ebola are the mouth rectum spleen kidneys liver with bleeding from the mouth and rectum and internal bleeding

How the body system works

The human body is composed or organs that are part of different body systems that allow the human body to work and function correctly and helps you stay healthy and in shape.

Target population

There is no target population Ebola can affect any one it comes in contact with or is spread to by other people or unsanitary locations


Environmental contamination with monkeys bats and in other insects that have eaten a contaminated food source or or are already contaminated and then eaten by a human and or eaten by another animal that is then in tern eaten by a human a spreads that way from human to human


Diagnosing Ebola in a person is hard because if they have only had it for a few days the signs and early sysmtems such as fever are nonspecific

Signs and symptoms

You Will get extreme pain, and Bleeding, fever, and death


There is no treatment for Ebola besides being contained in a isolated room for 21 day and see if you can or will live


The mortality rate if you get Ebola is about 90% to die


I have no connections with someone who had or has Ebola because i don't know anyone who has or had Ebola and i would not want to
Ebola Outbreak 2014 (Educational Video)
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