Act 2 Scene 1-6 Summaries

Romeo and Juliet

Scene 1

Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio are leaving the party. Romeo ditches his friends to see Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio begin looking for Romeo. Mercuitio teases Romeoś love sickness for Rosaline. They haven´t figured out that Romeo is in love with Juliet.
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Scene 2

Romeo is hiding by Juliet´s balcony, creeping. He listens to her confess her love for him. After he hears her her confess, he actually revealls himself and tells her he would take a new name if he had her love. Juliet tells him, he wasn't meant to hear that, and he should leave or he'll get caught. They bith swear their love eachother and plan on getting married.
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Scene 3

Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence. Romeo tells Friar that he needs help because he's in love. Friar thinks he's talking about Rosaline. Romeo explains that he's in love with Juliet. friar tells him he needs to be causious amd slow down, but Friar wants to help settle the prblems between the families. Romeo asked himto help him get married, and Friar agrees.
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Scene 4

Mercutio and benvolio have no idea were romeo is. Mercutio explains that Tybalt is the prince of cats and always wants to fight Tybalt always wins fights. he challanged Romeo to a fight because Romeo and his friends crashed a party. Romeo's friends gave him crap for ditching them for Juliet. His friends also made perverted comments.
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Scene 5

Juliet sent the nurse to find out about the wedding . The nurse came back and teasers her. juliet is impactient and wants to know. The nurse tells her shes getting married today. The nurse gives her directions and she goes off.
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Scene 6

Friar Lawrence, Romeo, and Juliet talk about love. Juliet says she's thankful and Romeo tallks about how happy they are DFriar Lawerence quickly has them exit to get it done. Romeo and Juliet are getting married.
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