My Literature Poems

By: Emy Flores


Emy Flores was a great writer, he has composed a set of poems about many aspects of his life, connecting literature strategies to make them as vivid, understanding for the reader's. He made all these poems about his life and accomplishments and love ones, here are small snippets of poems he has written.

Where Im From? written by: Emy Flores

I am from the movies from California and dreams.

I am from the big tall buildings and beaches

I am from the tall palm trees the proud big bear

I am from the fun and games and honest from Dad and Mom and Rodriguez

I am from the being to loud and having too much fun

From be quiet and stay still

I am from the wet crying baby being saved from danger

I'm from California, and El Salvador hamburger and tacos

From the losing the symbol of love and connection, the searching in the moonlight and mud and the forever sorry

I am from the smiles of love ones, in the outdoors of a place I call home

I will Survive By: Emy Flores

I was scared at first; I was staring death in the face…..

I was running towards the light….. Fighting for my life….

Death grasping at me… trying to get me…..

The woods were dark and creepy….

The trees were like boney, creepy hands reaching at me….

The creepy dirt road going on forever… never reaching for an end….. To safety…

The moonlight was the only light glazing through the night…...

I turn back… there I see a smirk….

Laughing….. Laughing…. Until I heard nothing……

Finally I come to an end…. The road now was concrete….

At the end of the road….. a small house stood……

The house was full of light…. Inside was a old couple….

Enjoying a cup of dark, warm, sweet, cup of chocolate….

I approached the door…. Worn and torn….. Ready to knock….

Then the door flew open…. Light racing out…

Then stood the two couples…. Looking down at me… with a smile….

Then I knew…. I was at……. Home…………

Treasure Island By: Emy Flores

I was knocked out after the blast; my body lay
dead on the water.
After that I went to a heavy sleep, not recoiling of what just happened.
I awoke on a sandy shore, the water splashing on my face.
I have seen to have drifted to a small island.
It was full palm trees, turtles, iguanas, and insects.
Nearby there was a small area full of rocks arranged like a barrier for a fire.
There laid the crisps of remain……
From the people who have eating here.
There was where I became alert analyzing my surrounding looking for movement.
When I spotted footprints leading into the island, then it came to a halt…
That’s where I stopped dead in my tracks.
There laid a dead corpse, holding an old paper, and on the other hand was a small knife.
I quickly took the paper out of its hand and scanned it.
That’s where I realized it was a map, and the map led to this exact spot.
That’s when I realized I was stepping on something.
I thought it was blood from the body but it was in a shape.

I took a step back and there it was.
The X that could change my whole life around, but that’s when it all came to me, what had happened?
I recognized the corpse and how I got here….. I killed my crew and found my… brother….. dead……by our treasure.

My Pencil By: Emy Flores

I can’t live without you

You are what gets me by everyday

You write for me, for what I want to say

You erase the words I don’t want to say

You are long, and tall, like a giraffe

Bright yellow with a long neck, yet you….

Are more special than a giraffe, you are more creative

You do amazing things every day and you can tell people what you do

You are my best friend

My soul mate, you’re always by me

You’re with me in school, the library, lunch…

My classes, my house, when I go out, your always with me

Sometimes when you don’t know what to do

I pick you up and give you the force to keep going

Yet the sad part is when you come to an end…. I have to get…..

Another pencil……

I am Cotten Candy By: Emy Flores

I’m cotton candy

I’m full of energy

I’m sweet and sticky

I am pink

I am purple

I am blue

I am red

I am cotton candy

I am puffy

I am like colorful clouds

Yet instead of pouring rain and sadness

I give people energy and happiness

I am what other need when sad

I give them energy, and excitement

Some say I make them have a sugar rush

I am soft and kind

Whenever people bite me…

I make them want more….

Until I’m gone…

Then they are feeling sad, and wanting more of me

They come looking for me….

At a store, candy store, market, Walmart, Kroger, everywhere

Until finally they find me

Their eyes turn big

Full of hope and excitement

I fill them with energy and excitement

Make them feel great when sad

I am their idol and leader

I make them want more and more

Love Day By: Emy Flores

I don’t want to be cliché
When I say….
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue

Your face is like the sun
Lights my way
Towards my everyday
Making me sway

In a dance of love
You and me become one
In the moonlight
You and me promise to love

Since birth you cared for me
Raised me and fed me
So I write in rhyme
to say I love thy


These are all one of the best examples of different types of poems Emy used. These became famous because he had a deeper meaning than the rest of the poem and connecting them with his life. These became famous because they were so emotional and you could just see the scene happen when you are reading these poems that why Emy Flores is so unique in poetry.