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Third Grade Happenings: September 2019

Important Dates and Reminders

September 16 - Parent Night @ 5:30-6:45pm

* All parents will start in the gym for a presentation from Mr. Walshire. 3rd Grade parents will stay in the gym for a presentation on 3rd grade curriculum and other information. We will leave time at the end for you to visit your child's classroom where they have prepared a little something for you. Time is limited, so if you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can always contact me after Parent Night as well! Hope to see you all there!


Students will be working on literal and non-literal text. We will look specifically at metaphors and similes. Students will also compare two books in a series. We will continue to work on our reading stamina during independent reading time.


Students will be working on a complete sentence in order to complete paragraph of the week. They will be introduced to the structure of how to write a paragraph using graphic organizers.


Students will start Unit 1: Nouns. Students will practice identifying and writing with nouns. We will test on Friday.


Students will start Chapter 2: Addition. This week we will work on addition properties, addition patterns, estimating sums, and adding three digit numbers.

*Students will either have a home link page for homework or an assigned iXL skill for homework. This can be found at or the iXL app on your child's iPad. Skills can be found highlighted in yellow or stared under the recommendations tab. Please reach out if you need help navigating through this process. We do track progress and can verify time spent on skills.

Science/Social Studies:

Students will be tested on their continents, ocean, and compass rose directions. Students will then start identifying landforms on the map as well as understanding their unique characteristics.

Students took home a letter last week explaining our class's use of iXL along with their username and password. We will be using iXL to practice skills. We will even use iXL for homework on some days. Please keep your child's username and password in an accessible place. Here is the information that was sent home:

Dear Parents,

Technology is an ever-changing part of our lives and will continue to make in impact on our lives and in ways that seem unimaginable. Throughout the year in each of the academic classrooms as well as in their Technology (STEM) special, computer skills will be taught and reviewed frequently. We will use several programs that are available to help us work on these skills.

We see these programs as an asset in working on computer-based testing skills, and helping to master math and reading concepts. We are fortunate to have access to an online program,, which follows our curriculum closely. We will use the program within the classroom to master and review key concepts. However, we want you and your child to be aware that the program can be used outside of the classroom on an unlimited basis. We see IXL Math and reading as an excellent opportunity for extra practice at home. We hope you encourage your child to work with IXL!

Student Log-In to IXL:

1. Go to

2. Username:

3. Password:

4. Choose grade and skill

Mrs. Edelmann

iPad Care Over Long Weekend

Just a reminder that iPads are going home so that they can charge over the long weekend. Please keep them plugged in when not in use. Students do not have any work or assignments on their iPad yet, so they should not be using them at this time. More information will come about assignments and apps they are able to use at home. Please continue to monitor your child's use on the iPad whenever they are using it.

There is Still Time to Sign Up for Seesaw!

Stay connected to your child's learning through Seesaw! I will communicate with families through the Seesaw app! Your child will post projects, reflections, and more to share their learning directly with you. I'll also use Seesaw to send you messages and reminders. Seesaw is private; you'll only see posts created by your child.

Please Sign Up Now
  1. Click on this link:
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at

If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the 'Sign in' tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.

3rd Grade Happenings: August 2019

First Full Week

Next week will be our first full week following our regular schedule. Students will be starting their 3rd Grade Math and Reading curriculum. There will be some baseline assessments given to better help us learn your child's strengths and weaknesses. Make sure your child is well rested and bringing a healthy snack!

iPad Information

3E students received their iPads today. Before we got them, we went over rules for the iPad which included how to take care of the iPad. Students signed the rules as a promise to follow the expectations. I made a copy of their signed contracts and sent them home. Please keep the rules in a visible place for your child. The iPads should be used for educational use. If students want to use technology for their free time, I ask that they use your home computer or devices.

iPads will be going home starting Tuesday afternoon to those students who have take home rights. We ask that students use this time to get into the routine of just getting the iPad home, charging it, and getting it back to school.

Start of Another Great Year!

Welcome 3E Heroes! I'm Mrs. Edelmann and I am looking forward to a great 3rd Grade year! I will be updating this class newsletter at least every month with important information, class happenings, and more! I will post a link to this newsletter to Seesaw so make sure you sign up for parent access. If you have any questions between updates, please do not hesitate to reach out! Thanks for reading!

PBIS: Prepared and Respectful Together

At the beginning of the school year, we will be busy reviewing our school-wide PBIS behavior expectations in the classroom as well as other parts of the building. All expectations ensure that students are prepared, respectful, and safe. We use the same expectations from Kindergarten up through 5th Grade so that students have no surprises on how they are expected to behave year after year.

As a Third Grader, your student should be very familiar with our expectations after our overall review. We will also use Second Step, our social emotional learning curriculum, to continue to review expectations and ensure success in following them throughout the year. However moments may arise in which students do not make the right choices. In these situations, the following procedures will take place:

  1. First offense: Student is retaught expectation and given a verbal warning to follow expectation.
  2. Second offense: Student connects with the teacher to identify the unwanted behavior and review the expectation on the PBIS matrix.
  3. Third offense: Student and teacher work together to have student complete Behavior Reflection Sheet. The teacher and student then brainstorm strategies to use in the future in order to follow expectations with success. The reflection is sent home and should be signed by a parent and then returned to school. Teacher will document behavior as a minor.

It is important to note that by documenting the behavior, I am collecting data in order to help your child reflect on their own behavior and make better choices on their own. If the behavior improves, we celebrate that success! If the behavior does not improve, I have data that will help me decide what other methods or interventions to use in order to support your child more.

My goal this year is to provide specific feedback on your child's behavior to motivate them and build a positive working relationship in the classroom!

If you have further questions, please reach out to me.

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Birthdays this Month!

Happy birthday to the following students:

Thaddeus - September 7th

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Contact Information

You can always keep up with our class on Seesaw! We love to post our work and other happenings there! You can also find general information on our Third Grade Website. If you need to contact me directly, please e-mail! I value parent communication.