School All Year long

By Sarah Pena

Central Ideas

  • The good and bad reasons about school all year long.
  • The differences between the year-round and traditional calendar.

Textual Evidence

  • Education officials say that the year-round calendar can also help overcrowded districts save money. Many year-round schools place students on a "multi-track" system. In this system, some students are on break while others are in class. This allows schools to serve more students in the same space. This saves districts from having to build new schools.
  • By the time summer vacation is over, many kids have forgotten some of what they learned the previous school year. That means teachers must spend time reviewing past lessons each fall. Now, an increasing number of schools are holding classes all year long.They are doing this to keep kids and teachers from losing ground over the summer. Some people argue thatthese "year-round" schools are better for everyone.Others aren't so sure.