The Ranch Life

August 15, 2022

Madeley Ranch Elementary

Shelby Smith, Principal

Jewel Tucker, Asst. Principal

Renee Sorrell, Counselor

Let's Talk!

Whether a parent, a student, or MISD staff member, we want your voice to be heard! Let's Talk is MISD's adopted support tool to allow for meaningful dialogue, connecting you with someone who can best answer your questions or help meet your needs.

Dates to Remember

Thursday, August 18

Third Thursday - Wear your college gear!

Friday, August 19

Hats Off To Friday begins (more below)

Monday, September 5

School Holiday

Week of September 6-9

Grandparent's Week (more to come)

Fall Book Fair

Wednesday, September 7

First PTA Meeting of the Year 9:00 a.m. @ MRE (new families....join us at 8:30 for a meet & greet!!)

Tuesday, September 13

School Pictures (Individual Pictures)

1st 9 Weeks Progress Reports Go Home

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BIG News from TEA!

Over the past few years, educators have been working hard to determine what affect the disruptions of the past few years and the 'COVID slide' have had on students and their progress. We have not had a truly traditional year since the 2018-2019 school year, and many of our students haven't experienced a school year without interruptions and major change.

Regardless of the distractions over the past few years, our campus leadership and teachers have remain focused on what is best for students, pinpointing their strengths and areas of concern and meeting students wherever they are in order to help them grow. We have utilized every instructional minute and resource available and focused on what is best for kids!

Today, TEA made public the first accountability ratings for schools since 2019. One of the most reflective pieces of this rating isn't just how many students 'pass' the STAAR test, but rather if our students showed a year's growth from the year prior and how they performed in various areas.

To say we are THRILLED with the MRE Accountability rating for 21/22 is an incredible understatement. MRE earned an 'A' rating from the Texas Education Agency and an overall composite score of 95 out of 100. This measures how much students are learning in each grade and whether or not they are ready for the next grade. It also shows how well a school or district prepares their students for success after high school in college, the workforce, or the military.

MRE is receiving a distinction designation in 3 of the 6 possible areas as well.

  • Top 25% in Comparative Academic Growth
  • Postsecondary Readiness
  • Top 25% in Closing The Gaps

This rating and these distinctions are truly a reflection of every teacher in our building, the hard work of our students and the never-ending support of our families. Whether sitting in a conference about your child's success, helping that little extra bit your child's teacher suggested or picking your student up late from school so they could participate in additional learning, you, the parent are just as key in this journey for your student! Thank you for joining us in this most important journey your child will take in life!

We can't think of a more positive way to begin the school year than this news and look forward to even more growth in our students this year.

Visit to learn more about our rating! (Be patient with the website.....with information just released today the whole state is looking!)

Mustang Manager

Each student PK-5 has a Mustang Manager folder (maroon) with a daily communication card in the back where teachers can communicate with parents daily. We ask that you review it each day, and sign at the end of each week. Grade levels have labeled other pockets in the folder as they see fit. Schoolwide info will continue to be sent home on Tuesdays, and will be in this folder as well. Any notes that you need to send to the teacher, transportation notes, etc. should also be sent back in these folders.

Third Thursday Kick Off

EVERY Third Thursday of the month, we celebrate our favorite universities by wearing our favorite college gear! This Thursday, August 18, is THIRD THURSDAY and we can't wait to see who you're rooting for! Hats are allowed on this day!
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AM/PM Car Rider Line

We have hundreds of car riders in both AM/PM lines and attention to these details helps us keep things moving! Thank you for reviewing if you utilize this dismissal method.

AM Drop Off In Car Rider

  • Doors are scheduled to open at 7:45. Please keep students in the car until we open the doors and signal students to exit.
  • Students need to be able to open their own car door and exit independently. We do have staff on hand to help, however students should not wait for an adult to open their door.
  • Please have your student have their things in hand when you roll to a stop.
  • Please stop when the cars in front of you stop, not when you see a staff member or certain door you wish to stop for.
  • For the safety of our students and staff, students will need to exit the door on the right passenger side. Please make arrangements in order for this to take place. If you are not able to, we ask that you park and walk your student to the front of the school for drop off.
  • Students will need to be able to unbuckle their booster and get out of the vehicle on their own (please do not put car in park and get out to get them out) If you need to stop to unbuckle, please pull up and park, unbuckle your student and walk them to the crosswalk.
  • Please practice with your student being able to exit the car quickly so as not to hold up the line.
  • Please be ready to pull forward to leave when the door has closed and the cars in front of you move.
  • Please do not drive around the cars in front of you unless directed to do so.
  • The use of cell phones, unless hands free, is prohibited in school zones.
  • If you choose to park and walk your students to the front door, please wait to be signaled to cross.

PM Pick Up In Car Rider

  • Please have your GREEN car rider tag visible and leave it up until you've left the line.
  • A staff member will read your tag, call those students and you will proceed forward with the flow of the line.
  • Please stop when the cars in front of you stop, not when you see your student.
  • If applicable, please have your student's booster seat on the right side of the car. We will not come around to the opposite side, but will let them in on the passenger side and ask that you pull up to park if they need to switch sides.
  • Staff members will not buckle students into their seats or booster, so please pull forward to the parking spaces and park if you will need to buckle your student into a seat or booster.
  • Please refrain from conversations with staff members in the line.
  • Please do not drive around the cars in front of you unless directed to do so.
  • The use of cell phones, unless hands free, is prohibited in school zones.

Thank you so much for your help in making sure our AM/PM car rider lines run smoothly and safely, as the safety of our staff, students and families remains a priority. We also thank you for your patience as it typically takes 1-2 weeks for everyone to get in the routine of it all. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

bid on priority pick up & support PTA!

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The Occasional Rainy Day Dismissal

As a true neighborhood school with bikers and walkers, I wanted to explain our process for Rainy Day Dismissal. We closely monitor for rain, storms, lightning each day. If any of these is a significant chance of these in the forecast for the 3:30-4:00 time-frame, we make the switch to Rainy Day Dismissal. In this instance, bikers and walkers are automatically switched to their 2nd mode of transportation as listed on their biker/walker permission slip. This is always communicated by mass email and text, and on our Facebook page when technology cooperates! It is important to note that Rainy Day Dismissal ONLY affects bikers/walkers.

We utilize WeatherBug to make this decision, as we've found it to be the most reliable over the years! We make this decision by 3:00 in order to allow parents time to plan if needed.

We know these days can be hectic, but appreciate your understanding as we act in the interest of safety for our school family!

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If you plan on volunteering in any capacity this year.....

If you plan on volunteering in the workroom, lunchroom, book fairs, field trips, ANYTHING.....please fill out the Volunteer Service Form early! These forms take time to process, and while we plan far in advance, there may be a day you choose to help out last minute and we cannot get your forms approved in time. You can access and print these forms by clicking HERE. Hard copies are available in the front office as well.

Everyday Reminders

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Community Approved Flyers

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