News of the Week

February 19-23

Important Reminders!

Here are a few reminders for next week:

  • Thank You... It was so great to meet with everyone at conferences! I appreciate your time!

  • Read Across America Day.... is on Friday, March 2nd. Kindergarten kids will be allowed to wear PJs and we will focus on reading ALL day! More info to come next week.

  • PIR Reminder... Parents, please remember to log all of the minutes that you are reading at home in your child's red PIR folder. Minutes read here at school NO LONGER count towards their levels and prizes, so it is based solely on home reading. Our PIR day is usually Thursday, but occasionally our PIR parent needs to come on another day, so you may want to just leave their folders in their backpacks at all times. Thanks!

Books for Home

Many parents expressed interest in having more books on a primary level for the kids to read at home.

We have many of these books in our classroom (see photo below) and the kids love them. If you search Brand New Readers on Amazon, all of the title options will pop up. They also have their own website, here.

Another fabulous place for books on any level is Pioneer Valley, here.

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Homework Ideas

Language Arts
  • Practice sight words (list below)
  • Write stories at home... try to label the pictures or add sentences by saying the words slowly and recording the sounds that you hear!
  • READ, READ, READ!!!!!!!! 20 minutes a night!


  • Name flat and solid shapes
  • Count to 100 by tens and ones
  • Write your numbers 0-20
  • Count groups objects accurately (20 or less)
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...Skills We Will Work On Next Week...

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How-to Access Our eClass Page

1) Visit:

2) Type in your child's student number (200....)

3) Their password is their initials, the month of their birthday, and the day of their birthday (i.e. mine would be lw1224)

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