Password Saftey

By: Alyson Rish

Did You Know!?

  • A 10 letter password could be arranged in one Quintilian different ways.
That's 4,000 times more than an eight letter password.
  • It would only take 2 hours to crack a password with eight lowercase letters.
  • It would take 2 years to crack a password with eight characters, but adding symbols and capital letters.
  • There are cyber criminals that try to crack passwords for a living.

How to make a good password

  1. Make sure it is about 14 characters long
  2. Pick a saying and use all of the first letters for a password
  • my favorite uncle was an air force pilot would become, mfuwaafp
  1. Then replace lowercase letters with capital letters and symbols.
  • The new password would be mFuW@@f9

Ar3 Y0u S@f3??