My Fine-Art Project

Reflecting the Year

Long Way Coming...

The first project I worked on in the first quarter 1 was the color wheel, by using shading and transitions. I learn so much in the very first quarter like the components use to work on this project consist of using colors like.

  • The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.
  • The three secondary colors (green, orange, and purple) are created by mixing two primary colors.
  • If black is added, the darker version is called a shade. And if gray is added, the result is a different tone.
When I was working on this project the objective was to simply be creative but, for some I still find that to be a challenging task. Seeing how much I have grown baffles me, I chose to make my coloring wheel personal by showing the amount of love I have towards hats. By making the color wheel a hat from the point of view of looking down.

Almost There?!

For my second project I decided to make a scarf for my mother. I already had the knowledge and skill to crochet. It was mainly about perfecting it's craft and trying new things like color blending and create circles and using the actual crochet thread instead of yarn. I've tried to create different patterns with colors as well, like using black and red and grey and black.

Using the granny square, just by pulling the yarn tail to close the circle, and then finish the round by slip stitching into the back loop of your beginning chain two. And repeat...I was able to complete and I believe it was a success. I believe, this was the strongest I have been in this class.

..Last But Not Least!

In quarter three I found a harder challenge that allow me to think of something that I am constantly reminded of; the past, the present, and the future. So thinking hard and pairing up with a good friend we came up with a theme that is for sure is apart of all time, Batman and the evolution of his Batmobile. I sketch one of the more futuristic form that took clues from the Buggatti Veyron.

Determining the proportions is highly important aspect of the designing process for this drawing. I made some mistakes, but the sketching the base was the hardest time for me.

Growth & What's to come??

This has been an great experience for me and taught me a lot, I look forward to working on more artistic projects that will push my boundaries making me a better artist. Hopefully, I can become more in tune with my projects and take them more seriously. I believe, if so my work will look a hundred times better than what it is.