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January 27-31


3rd-5th grade- Please make sure you are updated the campus SeeSaw and Designated Supports Data Collection spreadsheet for general education students in the RTI process that you feel will need allowable supports during STAAR testing (and they are using these supports in class frequently). These supports could include oral administration, supplemental aids and math manipulatives.

Thank you again for all the prayers and encouraging words while I was out! I am so lucky to be a part of the Parr Family!

It's the Great Kindness Challenge!

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Important Dates

Random Acts of Kindness Week---

Pledge Helpers- Mrs. Scott's class

Jan. 27- Wear bright colors!

5th Graders visit VLI 9am-11am

Day 2

Jan. 28- Wear a shirt with numbers!

PL-4th grade

Day 3

Jan. 29- Wear a superhero shirt!

PL-4th grade

Faculty Meeting (Includes TELPAS Training) 3:30-4:30 pm in Library

Shareout-3rd grade, Snacks-1st grade/Art/Music

Day 4

Jan. 30- Wear a sports shirt/ jersey!

Curriculum Study- 1st grade

Buckels off campus-11:00-12:30

Day 5

Jan. 31- Wear a Parr shirt!

Character Rally/ Pennies for Patients Kick Off 8 a.m. *Will be a little longer than a typical rally.

Bring a Super Bowl Snack to share if you want


Day 6

12 Week Student Challenge-Week 4

Connect with THAT lunch with them. Do NOT talk about school! Talk about both of your interests, talents, favorite music. (Helpful Hint: the earlier in the week the better; they will remember it all week long!) Set some goals for this student to accomplish. What do they want to improve on, accomplish, achieve…school and/or personal. Write them down because you will need them on week 9. Hey, give them a card with their goals so they can see them everyday.

Click Below for Info about Super Bowl Snacks-participate if you would like!

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Shout out to...

MJ Fields for supporting little AA!

Christie Morgan, Tracy Roman and Sam Morris for welcoming student teachers into their classrooms this Spring.

Spring PL schedule

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Purposefull People words-Cooperation/Kindness

It's Not Fair! | Books for Kids Read Aloud
Fairness Song
Cooperation Full Character Education Video

Shout it out with Kindness

I will be placing staff shout-outs by the mailboxes. When you would like to give a shout-out to someone, fill out a slip and place it in my box(either mailbox or box outside my door) I will place the shout out in the Patriot Press. You can also send me an email with the shout out if that is easier!

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