Moanalua-Hiroshima Hosting

Sister-School Exchange Program-October 11, 2012

Moanalua Welcomes Hiroshima Kokutaiji Sr. High School

The World Language Learning Center at Moanalua High welcomed the Junior class from Hiroshima Kokutaiji Sr. High School on October 11, 2012 as they visited our Moanalua High School campus as part of our on-going sister-school program. This year, 240 students, along with Mr. Yahata, Vice-Principal, Mr. Nakamoto, Mr. Mori. . .participated in a full day of activities with students from the World Language Department.


Welcoming Back Yuma!

Joshua and Yuma had a chance to reconnect at the opening ceremony. Yuma was at Moanalua High School for 3-weeks in March and April, 2012. Joshua and his family graciously provided a home-stay experience, including Yuma in family outings, baseball practice and daily activities! Thank you!