The Philippines

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The Philippines is a island which is a country. There are more than 7,500 islands in the Philippines. People in the Philippines are called Filipinos. Filipino farmers produce mostly the food people have. Filipino people mostly speak Filipino and English. The Philippines have a really hot climate. The Philippines are one of the most poorest countries in Asia. In the Philippines children are required to go to school from age 7 to 12. Most Filipinos have large families and they need big house's to live. The Philippines have a lot of tree;s but they have decreased beacause people have been cutting them. Basketball is one of the most famous sport's in the Philippines. Earthquakes have been happining frequently happining in the Philipines. Snow doesn't fall in the Phillipines. Many visiters come to see the nature

Slogan-" A place to relax and chill."

Geography/Climate of the Philippines

The Philippines have a hot and warm climate. The Philippines have a lot of harbors and bays. A ton of flowers and animals. You don't have to wear a jacket or long sleeve shirts. The lowest temperature average is January. It is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In May to July it average's to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn't rain that much. It averages 180 inch of rain.

People and Culture

The Philippines religion is Christian. The Philippines people are really famous by dancing a lot. Mostly people speak English and Spanish. Many fast food restaurants are found in the popular city's like Manila.

Many Philippines people live in rural areas and have a big family. In the popular city's their are some expensive house's. The Country have a mix of northern american and Mexico.

There isn't that much crime in the country's famous city's and small city's. People in the country are known to be really nice

Government & Citizenship

you are allowed to vote. To vote vote in a election you have to be at least 18 years old. You must go to school at least through age's 7 to 12. The Supreme Court of the Philippines is the highest type of court.

Filipino people are mostly free to do anything they want to. The type of government is Democratic.


The Philippines have the 43 largest economy. The main industry is food processing. The Philippines have a mixed economy.

The country mostly sends oil, food, and electronics to other countries