FHS News

November 23, 2021

No School November 24th - November 26th

Giving Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving to the Fraser Family!


When I think about who are the most hardworking people I know, my mind always drifts back to you. Regardless of the setting you are in during working hours, you are always putting your best foot forward to ensure the best environment for the students. There is nobody like you!

Administrative Assistants:

You are always in constant contact with the teachers, relaying important information that can affect a school day. For that, we give our thanks to you and all you do! When important information needs to be documented and records need to be kept, you are always there. Your caring attitude towards the students has been recognized and the students appreciate what you do for them to help the school run seamlessly. Your work ethic is unmatched!

Food Service:

School cafeteria workers have always been essential, but their work to feed kids throughout this pandemic has shown us that they are superheroes.

Bus Drivers:

Whenever you have been faced with an issue, you always take the safest route and ensure that the students’ safety is the number one priority. We owe you our gratitude that you continue to provide for these students safe transportation. Thanks for being one of the best!

Paraprofessionals, Career Navigators and Lab Technicians:

I have noticed your continued dedication to your students and want to recognize you for your hard work. Whenever you or your students face an obstacle, you always think of a solution to overcome it. Your students are lucky to have you!

Hall Monitors:

I have been blown away by how you present yourself in front of the students. You are an exceptional role model and inspire them daily. Without you, this school would not be what it is today. We appreciate all your hard work!

Athletic Department:

Thank you for your tireless hours in providing athletic opportunities to our students. The challenges that you have faced in this pandemic have not slowed the opportunities for our student-athletes.

Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists:

You are appreciated for the hard work that you put in to ensure that each child is provided with an individualized experience. You take the time to make sure no child is left behind during course instruction. Your positive attitude and determination is recognized by us all. Your adaptability and creative lessons make me proud to be the principal. Thanks for all you do!

Assistant Principals and CTE Director:

You are truly a special group that cares for the well-being of our students, staff and building. Thank you for your hard work and selfless acts every day.


Teenage years are tough in normal times, the pandemic has added stress and anxiety to a tough time in your lives. We appreciate your resilience and adaptability. You make our work worthwhile, thank you!


Your support of our school is greatly appreciated! It is always great to connect with our families and continue to grow our partnership in raising and educating our youth!

To the Fraser Family:

Thank you for welcoming me and my family into Fraser! This is a special city and school district that is a beacon of hope for Macomb County and the State of Michigan. We are happy to be Ramblers!

Fraser High School Pilot Tardy Policy

Dear parents and guardians,

We understand that transitioning back to school has been challenging for students and parents alike. We have provided grace to our students up to this point in regards to tardiness to class. In order to curb the excessive tardiness at Fraser High School, we will be piloting a new Tardy Policy beginning on December 6th, 2021.

The new policy will require students to scan in for all extracurricular activities. If a student has more than 3 tardies the previous week, they will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities, attend after school events, and scan out of SMART and Hybrid Classes.

We will be tracking tardies once a student arrives at school. Therefore, we will not count tardiness for 1st or 6th blocks. Tardies will be counted for blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10.

It is imperative that students have their Student ID's in order to scan into practices, games, SMART and Hybrid Classes. If a student has lost their ID, they may get a new one for free - one time only in the Media Center. We will also have a few stations set up in the Media Center for students to check their attendance throughout the week. It will be the responsibility of the students to check their status prior to attending an after school activity. Coaches and those checking students' status will not be permitted to allow students to participate or attend an event if they have more than 3 tardies.

We hope that you will have a conversation with your students about the importance of being on time to class. We will be reviewing this policy prior to launching on December 6th. We will also run reports starting on November 29th in order to have conversations with those students that have more than 3 tardies.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ryan D. Sines, Ed.S.

Fraser High School Principal