The Rooster Crows

Chad Adams

Literary Elements & Physical Features

The theme of this book is one that has a bunch of little rhymes on each page that don't connect to each other at all. The book has different pictures which go along with the rhyme that is being told on each of the pages.

Artistic Style and Media

The artistic style is one that is cartoonish and not as detail as modern day books because it was not made in the last twenty years. The artistic media of this book looks like there were many pencils used and not really any water colors. The media of this book is a fairly clean one.

Illustration Elements and Interplay

The page turn of this book is one that is very fast because it is a book that is meant for younger readers to keep their attention. The pictures are very big and kid friendly. The text and the illustration work together by letting the picture speak more than the text by making it much bigger than the text.