Rankin Bulletin

January 19, 2016 - Bulletin #20

Our Week In Review

Monday: No School; Enjoy!

Tuesday: I am out of the building at the GISD for a meeting until 10; Steering Committee @ 4:10 pm

Wednesday: I am attending an AdvancED conference until noon; Late/Early Start @ 8:20

Thursday: FAC @ 8:00 (Moved from Tuesday); ELA Grade Level meetings @ planning time

Friday: I have a meeting at the GISD until 9. I will be out of the building for attendance court at 3:00.

I will be out of the building on Wednesday during PLC time at a conference in Lansing. Please plan to meet with your PLC group to work on your presentation for February 3rd. You will need to sign in - IN THE MAIN OFFICE with Deanna. Eric Bell will be covering for me on this day until I return from the conference.


Deanna, uROCK! (or I could say uPick) Deanna took the time (some her own time) in the past few weeks to treat a kindergarten student (twice). And picked her nits out too. She had recurring incidents of live and nits and while the family indicated they were treating her we did not see evidence of treatment..... The student was missing way to much school and needs to be here! Thanks Deanna for supporting this Rankin family...I'm itching just thinking about it ....!!

STAR Testing

So apparently the Winter testing window opened but since it isn't required no one told me and to be honest, I did not think about it until this week. The window is 1/4/16 to 1/22/16. We like to do a winter testing for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades for our Focus reports. 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers. Please have your students complete STAR testing (Reading and Math) during your computer time this week. Thanks!


One thing I mentioned at the PBS meeting this week is that we would like to change the meetings to a different day since out PPSC-SLT team is meeting on the second Thursday of the month. The PBS meetings are the second Tuesday (before the PPSC-SLT meetings). I am planning to move our PBS meeting from the second Tuesday of the month to the third Thursday of the month. I will change these in outlook and you will get notifications when I do it.

The PPSC-SLT will be kicking off some new ideas in February and we will spend the day reteaching expectations with students on February 17th. More information to come....