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Staff Meeting Presentation

Thank you for attending our period-by-period meeting last week. Please click below to the entire presentation for your reference.

Mustang Schedule This Week:


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Day Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 3-4 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-4 Collaboration Schedule - 7:50 am-2:00 pm (Early Out Dismissal)
  • Walnut Wednesday - Wear Walnut Gear


  • *Periods 1-2 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Day Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm
  • Walnut High Community Club Tailgate - 4:30 - 6:30 pm


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Show the Great Things Happening at Walnut High School!

In our staff meeting, we talked about showcasing all the great things happening on our campus. If you tweet using the following hashtags (see above) then it will show up in our lobby for everyone to see. If you have any questions please reach out to Kevin. Reach out to an administrator if you choose not to use social media. We would love to capture it for you!

Take a look at the twitter wall! Some of you are already doing it! See below.

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Join us at the Homecoming Tailgate!

Come join us on October 4th before the homecoming game in front of the football stadium for "The Taste". Our menu is shaping up and here is what we have to offer with much more coming soon:

  • Pulled pork slider
  • Dumplings
  • Street Tacos
  • Fried Rice
  • Chik-Fil-A Minis
  • Tabouli Salad
  • S'more Pops
  • Italian Soda
  • Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies
  • Boba

Staff can purchase tickets for $10! See Shirley in the front office to buy a punch card.

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Join us on October 16 as we honor Garrett Lim!

The district will be honoring Garrett Lim on October 16 at DBHS starting at 3:30 pm. Let's show up and support Garrett!
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Zone 5 Wins!

Thank you for everyone who gave us feedback for staff parking now that we have solar panels. Zone 5 was the clear winner. Conchita is currently working on getting the "Reserved" signs painted. Our goal is to get the fencing put back up down the road as well.

Note: You do not have to park in Zone 5, but this area will be designated to staff only.

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Robotics - 2nd Rebellion looking for an advisor

We have a robotics club called 2nd Rebellion looking to start up a club on campus. It was started at Suzanne and they want to keep it going as kids begin to transition to high school. They are looking for an advisor and the following expectations:

1) someone who believes in the benefits of robotics and the FIRST program and is interested in supporting and advocating for robotics

2) Assist team in handling and processing money that comes in and out of our team fund,

3) attend the occasional Monday morning meeting that is necessary to get approved for fundraising.

Please e-mail Christina Lin if interested at

Teddy Bear Tea Grant

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Fundraiser Requests will be filled out online, The link will also be on the Staff Resource Doc under Forms & Requests.

You will receive an email saying if your request is approved or denied. If approved, you will also receive a PDF copy of the form you normally would have filled out.




a wonderful or astonishing person or thing.

Shoutout to our Mustangs going above and beyond!

Girls Volleyball upsets the #8 Team in the SGV!

Los Altos (#8 ranked team in the SGV) visited Walnut High School last week with expectations of a sweep. No one gave the Mustangs a chance!

ENTER COACH MAC! Thanks to her coaching, adjustments, and enthusiasm, our Girls Volleyball team upset Los Altos and made a statement in the SGV! Thank you Coach McElroy! You are amazing!

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SoHee Tan and the first issue of the Hoofprint!

Thank you, SoHee Tan, for all your hard work you do for our kids. Last week she was here until 10 pm with her kids to meet the deadline for their first issue of the year. Our pubs kids are some of the best-trained kids around. They do their job with a great level of professionalism and that is because of SoHee's leadership. It's also her birthday tomorrow (October 1).
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Alegre, Newman, and Everts hold College Application Night!

Thank you Jenny Alegre, Nathan Newman, and Elizabeth Everts for hosting a college application night last week for our senior parents.
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Thanks to our FAC Members!

Special thank you to the following staff members who met last week to discuss some school wide issues that we would like to work on improving. Appreciate you all coming in and working together to make Walnut a better place!

  • Andrea Takahashi
  • Barbie Cole
  • Bryn Schultz
  • Donna Waggener
  • Emily Alder
  • Grace Lim-Hays
  • Jennifer Maletz
  • Jennifer Nicholls
  • Jen Sorbara
  • Jennifer Tucker
  • Jenny Alegre
  • Jenny Tomlin
  • Kevin Wendland
  • Kirsten Thibeault
  • Leah Turner-Gibbs
  • Manette Idris
  • Marissa Beemer
  • Marta Dibell
  • Mike Moore
  • Monique Estrada
  • Nelson Chen
  • Nick Blackford
  • Shirley Markel
  • Suzy McDonald
  • Suzanne TenBroek
  • Tania Coday-Voss
  • Tiffany Redcher
  • Trisha Shah
  • Bob Van Setten

Conchita Cawley Emergency Packets!

Thank you Conchita for putting together over 100 emergency packets for our staff. She was here late (10 pm) during the week finishing all of it as well as planning the parent symposium.

Paul Acosta is locked in!

Thank you Paul Acosta for sitting in the front, taking notes, and asking informative questions during our period-by-period meeting last week. Way to model the way!
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10/1 So Hee Tan

10/03 Sonia Nunez

10/5 Julie Park

10/10 Christy Godinez

10/10 John Vu

10/12 David Smits

10/15 Erik Jameson

10/16 Donny Melara

10/18 Linda Rehm

10/21 Leah Turner

10/30 Marissa Beemer

10/30 Patrick McConnell


Grit and Resilience

We can’t expect young people whose bodies and brains are developing, to willingly engage in risk; we need to show love and support and back off a little if needed too. Here is a thoughtful read on the importance of teaching grit and resilience with our students.

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