Overview of Holocaust

the holocaust was murders of Jews. Adolf Hitler was convincing people that the Jews were bad people , and they basically need to be killed, all of them. Millions and millions of Jews were killed. Many children, men, women. Jewish people. Nazis killed not only Jews but many others: Mental people, slaves, homosexuals. But even before the Holocaust began more Jews were already being killed.

Definition/Background Information

the Luftwaffe is the air force branch of the German military. The Luftwaffe I an air weapon and a German term for air force. The original was created in 1935 and shortly after the Germans defeat it was disbanded. The current Luftwaffe was created in 1956. it was very important, and very useful... it was used to carry soldiers, weapons, and supplies for the air force.

Original Research Question

why did the Germans loss make them disband the Luftwaffe? Why was it even created if it was just going to be destroyed?


Air power may either end war or end civilization

-Winston Churchill


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