Thursday's Thoughts

October 5, 2017

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Think Big, Outside the Box, and with High Expectations

Take a moment to look at your class tomorrow- I mean really look at them. Think about what problems you are seeing that may be getting in the way of engaged learning, what successes you are experiencing, along with the needs and personalities sitting before you. If there are issues that you are seeing, spend some time thinking about different ways to solve the issues. Think big! If it means that you need to restructure your classroom set-up, try a totally new teaching style, and/or implement a new expectation, do it! Let your kids know that you expect excellence, and you will not accept any less. We are always trying to come up with new ideas to increase student learning, and we are here if you want to toss around ideas. Let's be that school who is willing to do whatever it takes! Let's turn the situations that may seem impossible into the possible! What fun that will be. :-)


Please plan on spending time next week talking with your class about the procedures to follow should we experience an active shooter. Should we experience this, an announcement will be made to Lockdown. At that time, you will remove the magnet, shut your door, pull the paper over your window, grab your cell phone, walkie, and information containing all of your student's contact information. You may want to have a bag containing much of this so that you are not scrambling to find it all. We will begin giving you details about where the shooter is located on the intercom and walkie. You will need to listen carefully so that you can determine if it is safe to exit your classroom. Remember, you are to get out of the building it at all possible. As you talk with your students next week, tell them that they are to be silent and move quickly. It is important that this drill is treated as if it were real and that students treat it that way. A letter will be placed in your boxes Monday telling parents about the drill next Friday. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.


Rikki Brown will be in the conference room Thursday, Oct. 12th if you need to see her. She will be there all day.

RTI Meetings

RTI meetings are Tuesday. If you have a child who is struggling academically, please plan to meet with us during planning. Bring a writing sample, running record, and some assessments so that we can work together to formulate a plan.

Secretary, Vice President, and President

Students who are in house council and wish to run for secretary, vice president, or president are working on videos. In these videos, they are to tell who they are, what house they are in, what they are running for, and why they are running. The videos need to be between 2-3 minutes. We have received some videos, but others are having difficulty with them. Please talk with your classes to see if anyone needs help. If they do, they can come to one of us and we will be more than happy to video them.

We will be sending you the videos to show each morning prior to voting day. Our hope is to show the videos next Monday-Thursday and vote on Friday. Candidates will be in the lunchroom during lunch on Friday to campaign. Students will vote before leaving for lunch. I will send out more definites after I make sure all students have been able to get their videos complete. We look forward to naming our new secretaries, vice presidents, and presidents!

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 16th: Bookfair opens

Oct. 17th: Fall Festival from 5:00-7:00

Oct. 17th: Fall picture make-ups

Oct. 23rd: Technology pd during planning

Oct. 23rd: School Reading Assembly (more info. to come)

Oct. 25th: Second grade testing

Oct. 26th: End of 1st nine weeks

Oct. 27th: Sandra Goff

Oct. 27th: Long range plans due

Happy Friday!