Weekly Bulletin

October 13, 2016

Conference Planning

Conferences aren't until after our Education Minnesota break, but it's not too early to start thinking about them now.

  • Our goal is always to have two face-to-face conferences each year. Due to numbers, some of you might have a hard time fitting in a conference for all of your students. If you have some families that would be most likely to respond to a phone conference, you can do that too. Phone communication is better than no communication.
  • Our 15-minute conference time goes by very quickly! While you will no doubt have a lot of data to share by early November, it's OK to spend time at conferences simply listening to parents. It's all about relationships with parents too! Consider asking parents what is going well so far this school year, and if there are any struggles. Great things happen when we listen and work together!

Need Google Help?

There is never a shortage of things to learn, that's for sure! Google is a great tool, but it ca be a bit tricky sometimes. Jennifer Hennes will be in the 2nd Grade Lab on Friday, October 28th from 8:00-8:30. Feel free to stop in if you would like some 1:1 Google assistance.


We are super excited that Halloween is on a school day this year! Feel free to have some spooky fun that day. We do not want costumes at school as part of your celebration. If students want to wear their costumes to school they should plan to attend Costume Bingo on Friday, October 28.

Lock Down Drill Information

We will have our first lockdown drill on Tuesday, October 18, at 2:00. We do five practice lockdowns every year, as required by MDE. This first drill is announced so that you can prepare your students. Please share the attached Lockdown powerpoint so you can talk this through with your class. An announcement will be make over the loudspeaker that we are doing a practice lockdown. We will announce a scenario for why we are going into a lockdown. We will practice barricading during this first lockdown drill.

Sometimes we will stay in the room and continue instruction, sometimes we will stay in the room but barricade and hide, and other times we will leave the building. What you have your students do depends on what the threat is and where the threat is. See the Lockdown Talking Points attachment for more information.

Prioritized Learning

We are excited to continue with our Prioritized Learning journey. Coaches and Admin met with Heather Willman today to talk about our next steps. We think we have a good, differentiated plan for moving forward. Our teams are at different places, and that's OK. Just like our students don't cross the finish line at the same time, neither will we. As long as we keep the final destination in mind and keep moving in that direction it's all good!