Why NOT Tweet?

Bird of Paradise or Albatross?

Twitter is Distracting.

Although students believe they are able to multi-task, some studies show otherwise - tweeting may serve as a distraction, decreasing productivity unless it is a dedicated activity.

Spelling and Grammar Suffer

Twitter's limit of the 140 characters may cause poor grammar & spelling - "b4 u" instead of "before you". For students who struggle to express themselves, Twitter may be frustrating.


Twitter is immediately available to your followers. HUGE problems may occur including potential employers and college personnel finding provocative photos, evidence of drug or alcohol use, negative posts or comments that may be construed as racist, sexist, or violent.

Twitter and Low Self-esteem

Twitter moves very quickly. To have an impact or to stay on top of trending issues takes time away from school, family, friends, chores. Some studies offer that social media users suffer from self-esteem problems with higher use.

Better Choices?

Other platforms that might serve better. Twitter doesn't allow videos, or multiple pics. Only 1 Direct Message can be sent at a time so private messaging within a group is impossible.


Highlight, copy and paste the link below to Canadian Safe School Network's

"Kids Read Mean Tweets" video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f_kavukuKI