Aspects Of Culture

By. Zach Geller

The 10 Aspects of My Culture

10 Aspects of My Culture:

1. Building snow-forts every Christmas/Winter.

2. Going to 1 Packer football game each year.

3. We as a family try to have a Super bowl party every year.

4. My family and I stay up until midnight on January 1st to celebrate the new year.

5. We watch Passion of the Christ every year on Easter.

6. We love going to the apple barn in Wisconsin when we visit our family.

7. My father and I knit sweaters with the elderly every year on Valentines day.

8. My brother and I stay up super late on Christmas night and play video games.

9. All of my friends enjoy singing Christmas Carols outside of Razzo's on Christmas Eve.

10. My dad shaves his head completely bald and donates his long mane to locks of love.

When I grow old and have my own children and my own family, I plan to carry on some of these traditions. I definitely would love to build snow forts with my children to create fond memories that we all can remember. I also strongly want to carry on the tradition of watching Passion of the Christ every Easter to teach my children about Jesus, and why we really celebrate Easter. Finally, I really would like to continue going to Green Bay Packers football games. We are huge Packer fans, and I'm sure that my children will be the same way.

Ch.3 Terms

In a way, watching Passion of the Christ is a more to our family because we are Christian, and we love to worship Jesus Christ.

It is considered a norm in our household to stay up super late on Christmas to spend time with your sibling.

One of the many values that my family has is knitting sweaters with the elderly on Valentines day.