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GRASP Wins Mobile App

GRASP Gets Its First Mobile App

Soon students, parents, educators and others will be able to access GRASP's resources through a mobile application that can be downloaded to smartphones.

GRASP recently won a contest sponsored and organized by NS804, Commonwealth PR and nonprofit communications service ConnectVA.

When the GRASP team saw this opportunity in Richmond's ConnectVA nonprofit communications service, they jumped on the chance to reach more students using this technology. A homemade video, made with an IPhone won the coveted prize.

We are grateful to NS804 founder Nick Jones and his team who are working on the prototype and hope to have the finished version ready by September. They have donated this $100,000 value to GRASP!

GRASP Uses Pokémon Craze to Help Combat Summer Melt

GRASP has joined the Pokémon bandwagon in its efforts to combat summer melt. Summer melt is a term coined to describe students who plan to matriculate to post-secondary education but fail to actually do so. This summer our team is working with the Class of 2016 through a texting program and a series of in-person workshops to reduce Summer Melt in our GRASP student population!

Thank you to Virginia529 for providing funding for this pilot program!