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This is Me!

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My name is Adna Jibril

I was born on December 18th, 2000 in St. Joseph Hospital

I am 15 years old

I Am...

I am Courageous- I love taking risk

I am Artistic- I love to dance (hip hop).

I am Giving- I love to help others in need.

I am Respectful- I give respect to get respect.

I am Independent- Depend on myself only.

I am Intelligent- I make school my top priority.

I am Spontaneous- My actions surprise others.

I am Gullible- I easily believe what people tell me.

I am Driven- Put my mind to what I desire and I stick to it.

I am Private- I have a habit of keeping my inner emotions to myself.

Timeline of my Life...

May 2015

When I was in Grade 9, I decided to join the Peel Dance Competition to expand my horizons in the dance world. Also, I was aware that this would be an open opportunity to learn from for future dance events. My dance teacher, Ms. Catalano asked me if I would like to be the lead dancer and I excitedly said yes! After the long and tough dance rehearsals, the date of the competition came. I remember that I was so nervous to do well and meet everyone's expectations. In the end, my dance group did extremely well and we scored in second place! This amazing dance event is an experience that I will never forget because it opened my eyes to competition and hard work through dance.

My Favourite Things...

Leader as a Teller

I am a leader as a teller. Also, I make it a necessity to always have a respectable approach when leading others. My leadership mostly shines through my dance hobby. For example, I lead the after school dance group every Thursday. During these dance classes, I lead warm ups which include a cardio warm up, stretching and core exercises. Next, I teach step by step choreography suitable for their level. Thus, if the group are beginners, I create the choreography to be less complicated than an intermediate class. To add on, I lead rehearsal periods for dance showcases. During rehearsal periods, I lead the group in marking. When marking a dance, you review the dancer’s positions and formations. This helps with spacing the dancers appropriately based on the space of stage.

My Influences...

The name of my oldest sister is Shukri and she is 23 years old. At the moment she lives alone in Alberta and works in a blood test lab. She is one of my main influences because I look up to her and strive to do the things that she does. Shukri is very independent and depends solely on herself to get tasks done. In addition, she takes risks and tries new things to gain experience. In addition, Shukri Is very good at putting herself in others shoes and looking at the situation from their perspective. I always try to be like my sister because she strives to be a better person every day which I love.
The name of my best friend is Aliya and she is 16 years old. Aliya is a year older than I am, therefore she experiences things before I do. Thus, she sometimes influences me to participate in mature activities like watching rated r movies. In addition, I see Aliya as a sister because we have been friends since I was a born. Therefore, we think and form decisions similarly. Also, I sometimes follow what she does based on the circumstance like going to an event I didn’t want to go to because of her.

My Role Model...

The person in my life that embodies my hero is my mom, Ardo Farah. My mom has always supported me through everything I pursued and my mind to, such as dance. In addition, she pushes me to make daily decisions that will positively impact my future. My mom is a very hardworking, responsible, giving and independent person that constantly tries to better herself. My mom has impacted my life because at times she was the only one that understood the hardships that I would face and gave me beneficial advice on how to overcome it. I also appreciate that she does not hesitate to point out my mistakes and give me constructive criticism. My mom is the reason I am the person I am today because she has shaped me to remain on the right path and always have good intentions. Overall, I strive to occupy the qualities of my mom; therefore she is my role model.

Future Plans?

In the future, I want to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in the care of infants, children and adolescents. I am interested in this career path because in my eyes, all children are innocent and deserve to be healthy and happy within their younger years of life. Therefore, as a career I would love working and improving the life of children all over the world. In order to have this job, I must first become a registered nurse. In regards to post-secondary education, I want to complete a 4-year Bachelor degree of Science in Nursing (BSN). After having completed an associate's degree in nursing I must be licensed by Ontario and passing a national licensing exam.

Family Symbols...

Personality Test Results...

Learning Styles Test:

This survey resulted that I was a kinesthetic learner. This survey was very easy to complete. The options for the questions came to my common sense, therefore it was very easy to choose from. In terms of the survey's accuracy, I think it did very well. I grasp new concepts best by participating in hands on activities. Overall, I learn the best from touching and doing, therefore the result of this survey is accurate.

Personality Test

I have an INTJ personality based on this survey. This means that I am introverted, intuiting, thinking and judging. Also, INTJs are very logical and put full effort in becoming an expert in a subject that interests them. I enjoyed this quiz the least because it was very lengthy. In addition, the questions were not interesting to me. I also did not think the result of this survey was somewhat accurate. I say this because I usually do not approach life like a game of strategy, gathering information and creating strategies and tactics that let them stay in control of their plans. I usually like going with the wind and living life day by day. Therefore, this survey was somewhat accurate but not fully.

Interests Test:

I received catalysts interest type after completing the quiz. A catalyst is a person who loves helping people and understanding them through their point of view. I enjoyed completing these questions because it was fairly easy to answer. In my eyes, one option always stood out from the other, which allowed me choose that option easier. Therefore, this survey did not take much time to complete, which I liked. Furthermore, I thought this survey was accurate because I want my future to be based around caring and helping for people all around the world. In addition, I am very confident and persuasive which is another trait of the catalyst.

Motivations Test:

The motivating factor result I have received was achievement. This means that I thrive off of putting my skills to test and using them to improve the condition of something. I really enjoyed this survey because it gave me many options to choose from. In addition, it allowed me to rank options higher than others. I also enjoyed this survey because it gave me practical future situations to choose from. I believe that this survey is accurate because I want my career to be revolved around achievement and the improvement of people's everyday lives.

Multiple Intelligence Test:

Based on the results of the inventory, my MI’s rank from strongest to weakest in this form; Intrapersonal strength, Musical strength, Interpersonal strength, Kinesthetic strength, Logical strength, Visual strength and Verbal strength. The results of the inventory somewhat surprised me because I did not expect my strongest MI to be Intrapersonal, in which I scored 80%. An Interpersonal person has the ability to communicate and works better with the people around them. This somewhat is true to me because I enjoy working with others when exchanging or bouncing around creative ideas to expand on them. However, I usually prefer working alone and I focus better. In addition, I enjoy spending time alone and working on myself to improve myself emotionally, mentally or physically. Therefore, I thought my strongest MI would be Interpersonal.

True Colours Test:

Based on my results to the true colour assessment, I have ranked in these

colours from highest to lowest; Orange, Green, Gold and Blue. The colour that

have scored the most points in is Orange. In this case, orange represents an adventurous person that loves taking risk and going out of their comfort zone. In addition, the colour orange symbolizes a person who is competitive, playful and fun- loving. The qualities of the colour Orange somewhat embody my personality. This is because I enjoy taking risks every day to gain more experiences. Also, I sometimes enjoy going with the flow of things and seeing where life takes me. However, I predicted I was going to score equally in orange and Gold. Gold reflects a person who is responsible. If you have a Gold personality, you are very organized, like to plan ahead and follow the rules. Gold also somewhat reflects my personality because I am a very responsible person that respects authority figures and ensure that my school work is finished. In my opinion, my personality is half Orange and half Gold.

Future Pathway Presentation