Saving Shiloh

Naylor, Phillis

Amanda Shook

March 10, 2014


Saving Shiloh

Writen by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor



Owner of Shiloh

Brother of Dara Lynn and Becky

Neighbor of Judd


Previous owner of Shiloh

Had a car accident

Changing his ways

Dara Lynn & Becky

Marty's sisters

DL: fights & wants a kitten, middle child, (left)

Becky: loving, Youngest, (right)


Marty's dog

Scared of Judd




The setting of this book is in the country, in the small town of Shiloh, West Virginia

In the homes of Judd and Marty, the story is rolled out, taking place. The characters are often near an old, flooded creek, exploring or searching for clues.


Saving Shiloh, Summary

Marty has gained ownership of Shiloh from Judd, whom has recently had a car accident. Judd has decided to change his ways, but no one believes him. Marty and his family is being neighborly to Judd. Then a man from Ben's Run goes missing, and because he has fought with the man before, Judd is a suspect. Marty believes Judd is innocent, but no one else does. Marty is seeing a floating light in the woods across from his house. Then he learns that everyone is losing small things, his own dad included. Marty and his friend David go to search for the cause of the mysterious light. They reach the old school house, and find everyone's missing items, and a prison uniform. Now the police can catch the REAL killer and thief, or is it thieves?? The thieves are caught, they are two escaped criminals, but that is not the end of Marty's trouble. When Dara Lynn, Becky, David and he are down by the creek, now flooded into a river, Dara Lynn climbs on the railing of the bridge and falls. Everyone is panicking, but she manages to grab some branches, and they haul her out. but what Marty realizes almost gives him a heart attack, for he saw Shiloh, being carried downstream. He had been trying to save Dara Lynn. Marty rushes to the bank, ready to jump in, when Judd arrives in his pickup truck. He ties a rope to a tree, and dives in to save Shiloh. Shiloh is scared at first, not wanting to go to Judd, but then he does, and he is saved! Now Shiloh is saved, and Judd is the town hero!!!

The Newberry Award


The Newbery award was named after John Newbery. It was Established in 1922, and its an award for the literature of children. It was established by the American Library Association Executive Board. The winner of the award has their name and the date printed on the back of the medal. It was the first children's book award in the world. It was designed by Rene Paul Chambellan in 1921.

Author Information:

The author of the book, Saving Shiloh, is Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. She won the award for Shiloh in 1992. She was born American, in 1933, Anderson, Indiana. When she was 16, she had a story published in the church magazine. In college, she actually studied to be a clinical psychologist before she became a writer. She was writing her whole life, even during the great depression. She likes to write all kinds of books now, and usually writes two at a time. She is a children and young adult writer, and enjoys receiving letters from her fans. She is married, has two sons, and two grand-daughters. Surprisingly, she has never owned a dog, which did not stop her from writing about one.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the book Saving Shiloh, and I think that it should win the Newberry award because it is a very enjoyable book, and it is very worthy of this award. The first book of the series , Shiloh, received the award, and I feel that it's sequel deserves this honor as well. This book should win the award because it is full of the most wondrous story about a boy who loves his dog, and tries to make friends with the man who harmed his dog, overcoming his fear, and his anger.