James Watt

Nick Baugh

James Watt early life

James watt was born on January 30, 1736. He was born in Greenock, United Kingdom. He went to school for some of his years but for the most part he was educated by his parents at home.he suffered from ill in his early years. One place James Watt lived was in glasgow England. Another important experience in James Watts life was that he opened his own business and was very success full. One person that inspired James Watt was Joseph Black. One way James Watt was interesting was that he made the steam engine.

James Watts later years

James Watt went to college and was interested in the steam engine. He found out that there was mistakes with the steam engine. He later on fixed it and became well known for this discovery.If James Watt did not invent the steam engine thhen some transportation would not be possible in the 1800s.When James Watt was alive one major event going on was the Industrial Revolution.

After the steam engine

after making the steam engine He went into partnership with Matthew Boulton. He was also married and had 2 children. During business with Matthew Boulton time were hard at the start but in the end he ended up very wealthy.His life was full of surprises when he was in business and when with his family he had 2 kids and a wife.One way he helped contribute was opening his own business and helping the community.

Quotes and Awards

One of James Watts famous quotes was “A lie can run around the world before the truth can get its boots on.” Also one of his awards was that he had the unit of power named him the watt. If he could would he make any new inventions.