Celebrating WRAD!

February 23-25, 2016

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Imagine a world where everyone can read...

On World Read Aloud Day, celebrate by reading aloud and taking action on behalf of the 793 million people who cannot read.

Join the Movement.

Spread the word about World Read Aloud Day to friends, family and members of your network!

Read Aloud.

Read aloud with loved ones or new friends.

By sharing stories with one another we build a literacy community and grow strong as readers.

Change the World.

Connecting with Ducketts Lane Elementary in Elkridge, Maryland

Wednesday, February 24

(all connections will take place during library time unless otherwise noted)

9:35 - Mr. Miller's 5th grade (4th)

10:20 - Mrs. Fay's 3rd grade (5th)

12:30 - Mrs. Hedrick's K (1st)

1:25 - Mrs. Bogan's 2nd grade (3rd)

2:10 - Mrs. Herman's 1st grade (K)

2:35 - Mrs. Oliver's 4th grade (classroom) (3rd)

Thursday, February 25

12:15 - Mrs. Welk's 1st grade (classroom) (1st)

Guest Readers

Wednesday, February 24

8:00 Ms. Pelling's 4th grade - Mrs. McIlrath

8:30 Mrs. Zink's 3rd grade - Mrs. McIlrath

9:00 Mrs. Fay's 3rd grade - Mr. Dennison

9:30 Mrs. Schaefer's 3rd grade - Mr. Dennison

10:00 Mrs. Heater's K class - Mr. Dennison

10:30 Mrs. Houser's 3rd grade - Mr. Dennison

10:40 Mrs. Bogan's 2nd grade - *****

Thursday, February 25

8:30 Mrs. Heater's K class - Mrs. Gick

9:00 Mrs. Fay's 3rd grade - Mrs. Gick

9:30 Mrs. Zink's 3rd grade - Mrs. Gick

10:00 Mrs. Houser's 2nd grade - Mrs. Gick

10:30 Mrs. Jackson's 1st grade - Mrs. Gick

**** Ms. Herman's 1st grade

Connecting Classrooms within our buildings

Wednesday, February 24

9:00-9:45 - Mrs. Houser's 2nd grade & Mrs. Woodruff's AP English

9:50-10:35 - Mrs. Goris's 3rd grade & Mrs. Woodruff's English IV

WRAD Classroom Kit

Be sure & visit this link for more ways to incorporate WRAD into your plans next week.

Questions or want to add how you're participating in your classroom?