Dr. Josef Mengele

The cruel doctor at Auschwitz death camp

The Angel of Death

Dr. Josef Mengele was born into a wealthy catholic family in 1911. He was known as the "Angel of Death." Mengele was known as this for his cold, cruel demeanor. He was a doctor at the concentration camp, Auschwitz during World War 2. Mengele studied philosophy in Munich, and later on he studied medicine, physical anthropology, and genetics. He was a very educated man, and he eventually joined the Nazi party. During his time with the Nazi's, he took on the job of medical officer. Then, Mengele was appointed the chief doctor at Auschwitz and conducted various medical experiments on Jews that were highly inhumane. These brutal experiments took away over 400,000 innocent lives.

The Evil Doctor's Horrendous Experiments

Mengele was very interested in using twins for medical research. He was fascinated with experimenting identical and fraternal twins so he could trace the genetic origins of diseases. The medical experiments he performed on them were gruesome and horrific. Most of the Jews that were subjected to Mengele's experiments were children. He had a very wide variety of research interests, one of them being eye pigmentation. He collected the eyes of his victims, and also attempted to change their eye color. Many children were treated horribly and they were exposed to experimental surgeries without anesthesia, and blood transfusions from one to another. Mengele made injections with lethal germs, and removed organs and limbs. He was an evil man and felt no remorse for the terrible things he had done. Josef Mengele played a very large part in the Holocaust, and all the Jews that perished will never be forgotten. They are truly missed!