The Zones of Regulation

A Curriculum Fostering Self -Regulation & Emotional Control

Overview of The Zones Of Regulation

A curriculum offering hands on, creative game style activities. Students learn how to label and identify emotions/feelings, and relate them to the four "zones" that represent varying levels of self regulation.

Through this curriculum students explore and learn sensory based tools or strategies to help them self regulate and shift into a zone appropriate for a situation.

The Zones of Regulation


  • Ages: Preschool to adults.
  • Experience challenges with self regulation including ASD or ADHD.
  • Lessons are written for group instruction, but can be easily modified for individual instruction.
  • Leaders include professionals who already work with the student such as the special educator, psychologist, occupational therapist.
The Zones material becomes a personalized resource for each student. This material should be incorporated throughout the students day. Within each classroom, the student should have a visual reference/resource such as the "Zones Emotions/ Tool Chart" below.
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