Eagle News

April 11 - 15

Weekly Schedule


Jeans Day (From 12 Days of Christmas)



Becky and Jane - Principals' Meeting

6th Grade Arts Fair


PTA & 1st/2nd Grade Performance (Bugz)


School-Wide Picture @ 10:00am (Side parking lot)

Parent Conferences

It is time to reach out to parents for a spring conference. Please make phone or personal contact with your parents. A form will be placed in your box to document communication.

PTA Gift to School

Our wonderful PTA will propose the following gift to school at their meeting next week:

Music – Mrs. Boyd

Props for Musicals


PE – Coach Trowbridge

Small Canopy and 6 sets of Foam Balls


Art – Mrs. Milner

Magazine Subscription, Art Books, and Brushes


Resource Center – Mrs. Trent

Electronic Binding Machine


Library – Mrs. Hughes

Digital Books


K-6 Teachers

$100 each for Instructional Material


School Grounds

$3518.00 shall be reserved as seed money for a Shade Cover Capital Improvement Project for 2016-2017 School Year

Total Gift to School:


HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

No birthdays this week

Additions or corrections? Please let Becky know!

Suggestion Box Recap

Homework needs to be re-evaluated. Sending packets, spelling practice, etc - Is it effective? For one, it takes up time students could be getting physical activity, being with family and just plain being a kid! Why do we give homework? Can we truly say that the homework given reflects what is currently being taught? Can we truly say the homework given is beneficial to learning? Why are we giving and grading papers that parents help with? What happens in the classroom is a more effective measure of what kids know and need more help on. There needs to be a school wide policy about homework.

Response: This is a valuable conversation for each PLC. In August, I am planning (preliminarily) to have a type of session where groups of teachers research a variety of topics. Homework is actually already on the list of topics to discuss! Until then, think about the reasons for the homework assigned, and the value the homework provides to the learning of the students. There are varying opinions (some strong) about this topic!

School Policy: Homework should be an extension or reinforcement of skills taught at school. Homework is planned by the teacher or team.

Suggestion Box.....Let Your Ideas be Known!

Do you have a suggestion for Hartman Elementary? Use the following link to share your idea:


Thought for the Week

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

~Lucille Ball