Volume 1 Issue 13

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Effective Communication
Thought of the Week: Everybody is a GENIUS, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. -Albert Einstein
Friday Funday: Student/Staff PAJAMA DAY! Let's wear our PJ's on Friday as we prepare for the holiday break.

Important Information

-It is the time of year where Winthrop University is accepting new applicants for teachers that want to serve as host or mentor teachers for the 2015-2017 school year. If you are interested in serving as a host (someone who hosts Freshman-Junior level students) or mentor (someone that has a full time student intern) you must get a recommendation from either the principal or assistant principal and complete the application, which can be found by following the link below. Please let us know if you are interested.

-Please do not plan to complete any peer observations after Wednesday of this week. If you have not completed your fall peer observation, you will need to complete two in the spring.

-Inspecting what is EXPECTED...WEBPAGES!!!
Congratulations to the following teachers:
M. White

These teachers will receive a "leave early pass" as a result of their dedication to updating their webpages at least every two weeks. No, they aren't the only ones. They are just the "winners" of the random check. As a reminder, updating your webpage is a requirement not an option. Those of you that have a weebly or some other type of webpage, please be sure to link that page to your FMSD page. That way, I can be confident regarding your status.
-Here's to another win...jeans and Panthers gear tomorrow.
-Book Club Meetings will be held Wednesday after school. Please be sure that you are prepared to participate.
-Wear pants with ELASTIC Next Monday!!!
As a holiday gift to you, we will have "treats" available in the conference room all day Monday. We will begin with breakfast and follow with an array of sweets in the afternoon. This is just a small token of appreciation from administration for your hard work and dedication. Thanks for all you do!

The importance of movement in the classroom

Below is a link to a great article that makes a case for students being able to stand at their desks while learning. Remember...not all children and their learning needs fit into a perfect little box (or chair).

Most Valuable Player

This week we have two MVP's.
Cathy Bumgarner:
Read below to see what a FMES family member had to say about Cathy.

I would like to nominate her for an outstanding music program. The children sounded great and the choice of the children in the play were priceless!

Congratulations Cathy!

Amy Wilson:
I would like to thank Amy for spending practically her entire day on December 4th, as an administrator. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect for student behavior to be so "out of the box" on the one day that both Jad and I were out of the building. However, it was quite the challenging day and Amy dealt with it all with grace (and support from our fabulous office staff). Unfortunately, I think that this small stint in administration ruined any possibility of Amy pursuing a career in administration. LOL!!! Thanks a ton Amy!
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